Tried And Tested Ways To Decrease Or Eliminate Snoring

Snoring is caused when tissues around your throat vibrates as air passes through an obstructed or narrowed airway. We call the resultant sound as snoring, and this only happens during sleep when the muscles underlying the said tissues lack their usual tone. There are other factors which contribute or exacerbate the problem, such oral and nasal anatomy, obesity, alcohol consumption, and medications which cause somnolence.

Snoring is associated with several health issues. Studies have shown that it increases one’s risk of developing high blood pressure. Secondly, those who snore suffer from excessive daytime fatigue or sleepiness which in turn causes them to underperform in school or at work. An even more serious complication is often mentioned in the same breath as snoring, and this is sleep apnea. In sleep apnea, the individual is roused many times from his sleep as the body’s way of protecting itself against abnormal pauses in breathing or decreased level of oxygen in the blood. As a protective mechanism the snorer usually wakes several times during the night to re-establish his airway without him knowing it. In fact, it is the partner who usually notices the hallmark snore then grunt or pause pattern first.

Pinpointing the cause of the problem is necessary to find the best snoring solutions. For instance, promptly treating tonsillitis will also work as an effective snoring cure in that it decreases the local swelling which narrows your airway. Overweight individuals will benefit greatly even with just a loss of a few pounds because the fatty deposits around the throat is reduced as well. If you assume a supine position during sleeping time, lying on your sides is a recommended snoring solution as it prevents your relaxed soft palate and tongue from narrowing your airway.

If you feel that you can’t do such unassisted then snoring pillows may be worth a look. These snoring pillows are different from regular ones in that they are contoured to prevent your head from being thrown too forward which causes narrowing in the airway.Those who take alcohol regularly should consider breaking the habit to lessen the severity of snoring. A mouthpiece which keeps the airway patent by bringing your lower jaw forward is a popularly used snoring cure. You have to remember though that you should get a properly fitted appliance to ensure comfort.

As you see, most snoring solutions do not require money, and if they do don’t cost as much. Getting a snoring cure now, can help get you and your partner some much needed Zs.

Snoring is unhealthful for both you and your spouse. Most snoring cure are inexpensive, others are even for free. Info on snoring pillows and a few more.

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