Triathlon For Newbies – 2 Bicycle Suggestions

Many people who’re fresh to triathlon will most likely have a lot of concerns about the bike. Because from the three activities, running, swimming and cycling – cycling is the only practice that requires some investment. Probably the most common questions folks have in terms of obtaining a triathlon bike is that this – “Is it essential for us to invest thousands of dollars for a triathlon bike?”

The answer’s not necessary. It is possible to just try going through your initial few triathlons with whatever bicycle that you will find. It does not need to be a costly triathlon bicycle whatsoever. If you really should, just borrow or rent one.

Listed here are two tips I will share with you on how you are able to train using the bike you now have.

1. Ride Your Bicycle More Regularly

Sound easy? However it is true. The most effective methods to enhance on your cycling is by using your bicycle consistently. You need to train on your bike for a time period till you get more comfortable with it. Try various ground like steep climbing or rolling hillsides. When you get more comfortable with you’ll be able to begin practicing riding your bicycle with aero bars.

2. Train Lengthier Than Your Race Distance

Training longer than your race distance can help build your endurance. It’s not always true when you’re practicing running because you may injure yourself however for cycling, you might want your training rides to finish 30% longer than your actual race distance. This can not only allow you to increase your stamina but also your self-confidence.

If you are thinking about getting a triathlon bicycle, here is a tip.

Triathlon bikes are generally either road bikes or mountain bikes. They are available in all kinds of materials, from standard metal frames to high-end graphite frames. Triathlon bicycles may cost just as much as a car, therefore it is vital that you determine your budget before beginning shopping.

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