Treatments And Services That Dentists Las Vegas Can Provide

Dentistry is a field of medicine in which the gums, teeth and other areas around the mouth are looked after and treated. Dentists Las Vegas have been performing procedures for a long time. There are many different treatments and services that can be provided to patients.

It is recommended that you visit a dental professional twice a year for a check up and teeth cleaning. It can sometimes be difficult to clean your own teeth thoroughly which can allow bacteria to build up, causing disease or infection. A dentist will be able to reach all the parts of the mouth with special cleaning tools to achieve the best possible job.

You should have a check up twice a year. This will enable the professional to spot any signs of gum disease or problems with particular teeth. They will count and check the condition of the teeth using a very bright light and a long handled small mirror that can see into all of the gaps.

A bridge is a false tooth that can be permanently fixed into the gum in order to replace a missing tooth. It will usually be made of gold or porcelain and you will not be able to remove it like you can dentures. Before they can make the new tooth they will need to take a mould or impression of the teeth next to the missing one. This will allow them to create the new one in exactly the right size and shape.

It is very common to get holes in the teeth, usually from eating sugary foods. These holes can be filled with a metal mixture called a filling. This will restore the tooth as much as possible however it is possible to lose the filling over time. If you have a damaged tooth, a cap or crown could be fitted over the top to correct it. Like a bridge it will be made of metal or porcelain and the current tooth will be filed down so that it can be fitted over the top.

Make sure you take care of your teeth and you will hopefully never need to have any of these treatments done. If you do need some work dentists Las Vegas can provide you with excellent care and service.

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