Treatment Genital Warts: Use of Tea Tree Oil for Genital Warts

Tea tree (Melaleuca) oil is the best smoother of warts when used externally on the affected skin as a natural antiseptic. It’s medicinal value was established with its primitive use on the skin for cuts and burns. It removes the itching and burning by releasing tension of the inflamed skin in the presence of warts in general. However, you can use tea tree oil for genital warts as a local application on the affected areas of the skin as for other skin infections caused by staphylococcus and candidiasis. You can do a light coating of this oil with the help of a cotton swab soaked into it and putting it over the affected area with the help of an adhesive bandage overnight. It is a great disinfectant that fights bacteria that reside in wounds and folds of the skin because of its deep penetrating power into the skin.

The use of tea tree oil for genital warts also causes allergy in some of the cases. Therefore, it is advisable to test it by applying a few drops on the inner arm. If you are allergic to it, it will show its effect within a few minutes. In that case, do not use it until you have tested it in a diluted form. In some cases, its diluted form with one part of it mixed with three parts of water and alcohol does not cause any allergic reaction in most of the cases. However, it is a highly concentrated essential oil and to be on the safe side, it is better to use it in a diluted form.

If you are in such a dilemma of what treatment works the best your problem can be solved by visiting genital warts treatment review websites. Such review website rank each treatment for genital warts according to its effectiveness, popularity and side effects, and help you to discover their degree of effectiveness

More and more people are looking for all natural, no chemical, herbal treatments, which is why majority of people are turning to treatment review websites to choose the best home remedy, so as to cure the warts symptoms very quickly. A doctor may recommend treatment with a chemical solution, such as a 25 percent podophyllin solution, which is applied on the affected area and washed off after several hours. Podophyllin should not be used during pregnancy, because it is absorbed by the skin and may cause birth defects.

However, there is no reason to lose hope because this disease is not fatal like AIDS and if you have already used tea tree oil for genital warts to no avail, there are other natural treatments and holistic ways to cure the genital warts. Such treatments are free from any side effects and can remove these warts permanently.

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