Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Sufferers

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be brought on by a number of factors. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so it is good to know the steps that you can take to prevent CTS from getting its numbing and possibly painful and debilitating hold on you to start with.

Arthritis has been know to be one of the biggest culprits to CTS. Arthritis can cause the ligaments in your hand and wrist to swell, putting pressure on the median nerve causing Carpal tunnel syndrome. Another thing that can cause CTS is being overweight. If you are overweight, start on a dietary and exercise plan to help you shed some pounds. Being overweight can cause pains in your back which will make you change your posture. Changing posture has been known to put pressure on the median nerve as well.

If you are someone such as a guitar player, secretary, or writer are just a few professions where people commonly get CTS. Another profession in which CTS is commonly found is baseball pitchers, because of the amount of stress put on the ligaments in there elbows and arms. At any rate if you are active with your hands for extended periods of time of can cause CTS. Try to give you hands some extra rest and try stretching them out to keep the ligaments from tightening up.

If you are constantly using a keyboard to type on, you want to make sure that your hands and forearms are level with the keyboard. You can go to your closest electronics store, and find keyboards that are custom made to take the pressure off your hands and wrists. If you are a construction worker, or you use power tools often, try not to use tools that are to big for your hands as this can put strain on the ligaments and nerves as well.

Most people when effected by CTS are quick to jump to surgery cause the doctor says so. Surgery has been known to be an effective way to relieve pain immediately, however does have some long term side effects. If you are already effected by CTS, simple things like shaking your hands to keep blood flowing through and stretching out the ligaments are effective ways to combat the pain. Also try propping your arms on pillows when going to sleep to keep your hands and wrists aligned with your body, this will help keep the extra strain off your wrists and hands.

Simple in-home remedies like these have been known to relieve the pain of CTS and in some cases also help prevent it from happening to you. Becoming pain free is your ultimate goal, so make sure you take the proper steps needed to help make your life a pain free life. Becoming free of pain is ultimately your goal. By trying some of these simple yet effective remedies can help you relieve a majority of your pain or in some cases become pain free.

There are physical exercises that you can do instead to cure yourself of your CTS. They are safe and free, and can be a permanent cure for your CTS. Let Tom Nicholson, a man who has been helping those who suffer from CTS for years, show you how to ease your own suffering. Click here to learn some basic carpal tunnel exercises to get started=begin finding relief.

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