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Over the counter medicine for bacterial vaginosis is available in drug stores. There different products from different brands. Their prices vary depending on the brand. However there are prescriptions that need to be given by the doctor. You can get hold of these products in the form of tablets and creams.

Energy medicine is not the mere application of energy to the body, it is a complete science. As in quantum physics we know there are different types, frequencies, polarity’s and sources of energy.

BV is caused by bacteria when there is a PH imbalance in the vagina. To treat the condition you need to get over the counter medicine for bacterial vaginosis that will help restore PH balance in the vagina to the normal. Ensure you read and understand the instructions on the usage of the drugs before taking them. These drugs are usually not suitable for use by pregnant women, breast feeding mothers, diabetic patients and people with stomach problems or complications.

In this article there are few over the counter remedies for bacterial vaginosis discussed. They could be of help to you. Research shows that Rephresh is said to be used in restoring normal vagina PH hence treating bacterial vaginosis. It is inserted into the vagina with the help of an applicator.

Cupping Rounded cups are warmed and placed upside down on the back. The cups create suction that holds them to the skin which in turn boosts circulation. It is said to stimulate ‘qi’ — energy flow. Cupping is used for pain relief, depression, and inflammation.

Because there is a blockage, lets take for example the pain from slipped discs. The energy and chemicals that are to flow naturally through the spine and nerves through pathways are blocked thus causing a backup and accumulation of energy in the body, thus causing pain.

If the pain is muscular you might consider applying a positive energy to muscles. In this instant the application of positive energy will dissolve the pain in the back through the breaking up process of the blockage of positive energy thus restoring an open energy flow to the body. For your information the human body has different polarity’s in it & energy can be created by a person or sourced by the practitioner, thus allowing the practitioner to use his hands only in the treatment process.

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