Top Three Healthiest Teas in the World

Would you like to improve your health and read about healthy teas? If so, you should stay here because this article is for you. Here you’ll find three healthiest teas in the world which can greatly improve your health.

1. Green tea (Camellia sinensis)

Green tea is one of the most common healthy teas in the world. Many people in countries such as the United Kingdom or the United States have replaced black tea with green tea, because it’s healthier. China is the biggest producer of green tea.

Green tea increases fat oxidation and improves insulin sensitivity. As a result, it’s very popular with dieters. Moreover, it’s very rich in antioxidants which protect against the development of cancer and many other serious diseases.

Unfortunately, you shouldn’t drink green tea if you have hypertension or if you want to cut down your caffeine intake (because the tea contains caffeine). Don’t forget that consuming caffeine in larger amounts is unhealthy.

2. Rooibos tea (redbush tea)

Rooibos tea is also known as South African red tea. The tea is made from rooibos which is a family of plants growing in South Africa. Rooibos tea has been popular in Southern Africa for generations and is now getting more and more popular in many other countries.

In South Africa, rooibos tea is traditionally used as a mild medicine. It’s effective in treating dermatological problems, infantile colic, asthma and allergies. Moreover, rooibos has high levels of antioxidants which eliminate dangerous free radicals. What’s more, rooibos tea doesn’t contain caffeine.

3. Hibiscus tea (flor de Jamaica)

Hibiscus tea is prepared from the sepals of the hibiscus flower which is native to tropical and subtropical regions. Hibiscus tea is very popular in countries all over the world: in Thailand, Malaysia and parts of China, in Egypt, Sudan and Senegal, in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, in Mexico and Panama.

Hibiscus tea is famous for many health benefits. First and foremost, it reduces blood pressure. Studies have shown that drinking three cups of the tea daily for six weeks can lower your blood pressure by an average of seven points. What’s more, the tea reduces LDL cholesterol levels and consequently, reduces your risk of heart disease. It’s also very rich in antioxidants which eliminate cell-damaging free radicals.

Last but most definitely not least, hibiscus tea is safe for people with high blood pressure, because it doesn’t contain caffeine. However, there’s a risk of some side effects and pregnant women should stay away from the tea.

As you can see, drinking a cup of tea daily is one of the healthiest habits you can introduce into your life. Eliminate unhealthy drinks from your diet and replace them with healthy teas to improve your health.

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