Top Raleigh Chiropractor Offers Effective Therapy To Local Children With Ear Infections

The majority of children have a bout of ear infections at least one time before they attain the age of one. Medical doctors often use pain killers and antibiotics to take care of an infection. Things are done differently at a Raleigh chiropractic care center where more than symptoms are handled.

Chiropractors believe that there is a link between the birth process and ear infections or Otis media especially those that keep recurring. It is believed that when a baby is being born, the cervical vertebrae may become twisted out of shape and the misalignment can interfere with the normal functions of the nerve. This may touch the Eustachian tube which may cause fluid to accumulate in the middle ear causing ear infections.

A published study showed that at least 80 percent of children who had care by a chiropractor for ear infections did not get another for at least 6 months after therapy. Though a larger study would need to be done for conclusive reports to be done, parents who have tried chiropractic care once after repeated infections that seem to become resistant to antibiotics concur with this finding.

Averting persistent reactions is important because they can lead to speech and developmental problems and cause lasting damage that can impair hearing. Also, children find chiropractic therapy very gentle and it is not invasive. It starts with making a diagnosis on spinal misalignment or subluxations which are resolved with chiropractic adjustments. It is done very tenderly on children.

Therapy also involves stimulating ear drainage to avoid accumulation of fluid which would trigger an infection. This is a natural option to the surgical one of inserting ear tubes which is usually done on a child who gets infections from time to time. The primary method chiropractors use though is to manipulate the upper cervical area especially the back section of the skull and the first vertebra on the neck. This stimulates the ear to start draining itself.

About six and eight sessions are needed at the Raleigh chiropractic clinic. Once a child gets through a bout of infection with the ear draining itself, they are very unlikely to get re-infected. This is a positive way to be healthy.

Raleigh chiropractic care can help relieve the symptoms commonly associated with ear infections. Find more information about Corrective Chiropractic at today.

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