Top Insights About Root Canal Therapy

Even the strongest of heart dons a nervous laugh when told to visit a dentist for a regular check-up or a much-needed treatment. When it comes to treatment, root canal therapy from Dentists Richmond is one of the most dreaded as its pain is believed to be unexplainable and unforgettable.

An Overview Of The Treatment

To keep the pulp with in each of our teeth from getting infected, it is removed and replaces with a protective substance through this process. Found inside the root canals, the pulp is that thing that keeps our teeth alive as they are made by blood vessels and nerves.

Severe tooth decay is the primary killer of pulps. When the infection gets acute, endodontics or root canal treatment is advised. The aim of this process is to preserve any infected tooth from getting totally destructed so as to keep its whole appearance. There are times though when this process won’t just work anymore and the affected teeth have to be totally extracted for oral health reasons.

It is often advised by Richmond Dentists specialists that teeth which have undergone the root canal therapy must be crowned. For one, these teeth are a lot weaker than the healthier teeth since they already lost that essential part that keeps them alive. In support to the crowning practice, studies show that crowns are capable of preserving teeth for a lifetime.

Common Questions About Root Canal Treatment

The following are some questions that most patients have in mind as they consider undergoing the procedure.

1) How much does is cost? It costs relatively higher than other regular dental procedures.

2) How much pain does it cause? Patients who have undergone the treatment in the early times experienced severe pain as reported. But thanks to anesthesia and other methods today that it is now painless.

3) Will it cause other diseases? An early study conducted by a doctor showed that root canal comlications can cause arthritis, heart disease and kidney disease. This was believed to be true then, but was proven wrong today.

4) How do I know that my teeth need it? Dentists would definitely not know from a simple checkup the depth of damage in your teeth. When it comes to evaluating the need for such process, percussion testing and use of a pulp vitality machine are two of the things that could be done.

5) How many procedures does it entail? The extent of infection and hardness of the root canal are the two common factors that will determine the length of your treatment. Some patients get done with it after sessions while other patients have to endure more sessions. It is safe to say them there is no definite time frame for the entire procedure to be completed.

Root canal therapy from Cosmetic Dentist Richmond is a revolutionary way to preserve your teeth and bring back your perfect smile not only for a few months but for a lifetime. Excluding its relatively high cost and maybe the length of treatment you are to undergo, it is definitely a lifesaver to anyone’s teeth.

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