Top Adult Acne Treatments – Do You Know How To Remove Adult Acne?

Acne is a type of bacteria induced skin infection which predominantly afflicts the post pubescent teenagers all over the world but it is often a problem which affects a percentage of the adult population too. Individuals who have this problem and are looking for adult acne remedies should understand that the causes of their acne are the same as those that cause the skin infection in adolescents.

There are a few acne encouraging factors which cannot be controlled; for instance genetic predisposition to acne problem or hormonal variations attributable to such things as pregnancy or menstrual periods. You can, however, change and control many of the other factors which can cause acne developing and for the acne that already exists there are several adult acne remedies you can use.

Prevention of late onset acne is certainly possible by ensuring that you eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet. Foods such as products made from whole grains, oily fish and fresh green vegetables can help provide your body with the antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids which are the most effective weapon against skin damaging toxic impurities and free radical molecules. To make sure that you get all of the necessary nutrients minerals and vitamins that you need daily, it is an excellent idea to take a health supplement.

People need to pay much attention to their personal cleanliness schedule when coping with adult acne. Over scrubbing of the skin can spread the infection but cleaning the affected parts twice a day using a mild cleanser and an exfoliating cloth or sponge is highly recommended as this would help to prevent skin pore clogging and keep the skin healthy. After exercise or heavy activity a shower must be taken. The bacteria that causes acne can be spread by clothing and bed linens therefore make sure that fresh clothes are worn after showering and bed sheets and pillow cases are washed regularly.

You can find a number of holistic and natural adult acne remedies that are effective and the best part is that these are free from any unwanted side effects. Strengthening the skin and balancing the hormones in the body can be achieved by the use of oral vitamin A and vitamin B6 supplements that help stop acne from forming. Azelaic acid, a derivative obtained from grains can be used as a topical exfoliating agent that also destroys bacteria on the skin. Tea tree oil is an effective topical antibacterial that cleans the skin pores.

There are numerous non prescription adult acne remedies that can be purchased at any local pharmacy that will help eliminate the problem and keep it from coming back. The one that is very often used is called benzoyl peroxide and it works in many different ways. It helps to remove the surplus skin oils and also works as an exfoliating agent while killing any acne causing bacteria that are present. Benzoyl peroxide is strong and could dry out your skin and produce irritation so a moisturizing cream must be used subsequent to its application. Salicylic acid is yet another over the counter preparation which cleanses and exfoliates the dead skin cells from the skin surface but is milder than benzoyl peroxide.

If the adult acne is persistent and does not improve with over-the-counter acne treatment products then there are more powerful prescription alternatives available. Retinoid based skin creams that work to cleanse skin and kill acne bacteria while unplugging the blocked skin pores that cause pimples and cysts. In serious cases your skin doctor may also recommend an antibiotic, either in a cream to be used topically or to be taken internally as a pill.

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