Top Abdominal Exercises for women

Both men and women admire beautiful abs. Many people consider ab exercises difficult. But the truth is, abdominal exercise is really easy. There are a variety of ab exercises that work but there are some especially applicable to women.

Exercise ball crunches

1. Sit on your ball and put both hands on the rear of the head and move your legs out bringing down your body to the ball till the shoulders and upper back are all which remain on the surface of the ball. Legs needs to be shoulder-width away from each other.

2. Elevate your pelvis to align your spine and tense up your rear and tighten up the stomach muscles.

3. Elbows held sraight on the sides slowly and gradually lift up the shoulders mindful to never tug your neck. You can actually feel the crunch in the stomach muscles; the legs and bottom muscles shall be working also.

4. Maintain position for just a moment, then gradually lower down shoulders towards the ball and replicate for as often as you can carry out the exercise

Rest for 30 seconds between sessions. Do 2 or 3 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions every other day.

Hanging Knee Raises – needs a Captain’s Chair

1. The body is held upright by the arms and resting on padded arm bars with the feet hanging down. The bottom portion of the back is straight and supported by a back rest.

2. Tighten the ab muscles and elevate your knees little by little all the way to the chest area,

3. Pause and slowly lower the legs back down to the opening position. The muscles are constantly contracted throughout the exercise.

Floor bicycle movement

1. Lay face-up with the hands behind the top of your head and legs stretched out out.

2. Contract your stomach muscles and lift one leg bending your knee while raising your shoulders slightly off the floor without pulling your neck.

3. Bring your knee and elbow together in a way that they touch just a little.

4. Lower and afterwards swap sides so your alternate legs in any bicycle action makes contact with the elbow and knee. Do it again.

Get through the positions slowly and gradually. It’s possible to vary this abdominal workout by bringing the opposite elbow and knee close together which will requirethe upper section of the body to shift a little back and forth. This stance runs the oblique along with the lower and upper tummy muscles.

The Best Results

Doing abdominal exercise is not enough. Women to acquire firm abdominal muscles need the following: a balanced diet low in unhealthy fats, cardio or Aerobic warm-up before a workout, and stretching before and after exercise for increased flexibility.

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