Top 5 Psychological Anxiety Symptoms In Women

Today, the world is so fast and it paves the way to many illnesses. One such illness is anxiety, women are more prone to this medical condition than men because they have more responsibilities and strive hard to balance both personal and professional lives. Anxiety symptoms in women are caused due to various reasons. In this article we will discuss about the 6 critical causes.

[Anxiety Symptoms In Women]

Anxiety symptoms in women are more common in women than in men. Women are prone to anxiety due to the various alternations in sex hormones. Here you can find the top 5 psychological anxiety symptoms in women.Obsession.This is one of the common psychological symptoms faced by women who suffer from anxiety. They worry about anything and everything starting from futile things to big problems. This habit may seem to be a simple issue but it is very difficult to handle. One will worry even for unnecessary problems.

Depression.Most of the women experiencing anxiety will suffer from depression. Depression can make them feel dejected, hopeless and can make them detached from the surroundings. Though depression and anxiety are considered as two opposites, they often come together. Depression leaves the individual with deep sadness and helplessness and does not allow them to perform their day to day activities.Restlessness.Feeling anxious can change you restless. Restlessness will not allow the individual to sit or relax. You will always be indulging in something without knowing what it is. People with this symptom will find difficult to complete any given task.

Concentration problem.This is one of the anxiety symptoms in women which prevent one from focusing on what they are doing. The person cannot do anything like reading, working or even watching television. For example, if you plan to do a household activity, you will be easily diverted from that and will fail to focus on work.Isolation.Anxiety can also lead to isolation or agoraphobia. You will feel safe and secure at home and would not go out anywhere. The world may seem to be a dangerous place to live in and you will get isolated from your friends and the outside world.

Psychological anxiety symptoms in women need to be attended immediately else will lead to threatening anxiety disorders. Women can stick to many natural techniques to reduce and to get rid of anxiety. Deep breathing methods, regular exercising, yoga, meditation and proper food habits are helpful to overcome this medical condition.Anxiety symptoms in women in the long run can cause serious health hazards. Psychological symptoms such as depression, worry, panic and physical symptoms such as sweating, shortness of breath, nausea and chest pain can increase if you leave the condition untreated. Though there are series of causes identified for this medical condition, the exact cause is still in debate. Allopathic medicines are available to treat this medical condition, however alternative medicines are also useful to get away with anxiety symptoms.

Treat it with food.Generally people think that every disorder needs a Doctor’s prescription to get over but food therapy is one of the most enjoyable therapies. Find here some Do’s and Don’ts to treat anxiety symptoms in women.Don’ts – Lessen your sugar intake, say no to junk and processed food. Stop taking liquor. Stay away from foods which are rich in Omega-6 fatty acid.Do’s – include omega-3 in your diet; eat protein rich and complex carbohydrate diets. Eat whole grain and green vegetables which have B complex vitamins, magnesium, selenium and folic acid.Meditation and yoga.Many observations and research has proved that anxiety can be treated successfully by meditation and yoga. Try some ‘Asanas’ (yoga postures) and learn how to relax.

Yoga.Yoga is a good alternative treatment for anxiety symptoms in women. The different postures, breathing exercises popularly known as pranayama, meditation along with the unique philosophy of yoga have shown great results to get over this medical condition.Aromatherapy.Aromatherapy is gaining more popularity in recent years to treat anxiety disorders. Essential oils such as jasmine oil, sandalwood oil, neroli oil, Melissa oil, lavender oil, bergamot oil, cypress oil, and rose oil is used during bathing and massaging to heal this disorder. It gives a soothing effect and relieves one from stress and tension.

What kind of exercise best suit for anxiety,Though moderate levels of exercise are good to treat anxiety symptoms in women; studies reveal that intense level of exercise has more impact on anxiety symptoms. There is a wide range of activities like running, playing basketball and football, and lifting weights. You can also try the combination of all these exercises.Don’t go for high intensity exercise at the beginning, start with minimal exercise and gradually increase it so that you can meet your exercise program challenges. Also, try to indulge in small activity in your daily life like climbing stairs and walking instead of driving short distances. Physical activity will keep you hale and healthy and would also help you to get rid of anxiety.

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