To Obtain Your Desires, Consider Using Positive Daily Affirmations

Positive daily affirmations can be powerful for helping you achieve a positive outlook on life. The most important thing to remember about them is that they all have common components in them. If you look at some positive daily affirmations and take one at random, you will be able to analyze it and find the common thread that they all share. For example, look that statement “I am a positive influence to those around me”. If you divide this statement up into its three core parts, you will find the ideal formula for creating your own positive daily affirmations.


The first part of successful positive daily affirmations is to complete know and understand who the statement is about. In the example, the statement is about “I”. This is very straightforward, yet important. All of your statements should be about yourself. Using “I” is obviously the easiest way to accomplish this, however you can use your own name if it helps you. Instead of “I”, you could substitute your name. It isn’t important what you call yourself as long as you know that the positive daily affirmations are set to affect you and no one else.

Having positive thoughts daily will make you feel good about yourself because you are constantly reminded of how beautiful life is no matter the trials that come your way. You also have a better perspective in life as you have new goals set for yourself. You will also feel less stressed because you no longer worry and fret about things in life. You also have improved relationships with people because only good thoughts cross your mind.

You might want to extend these phrases into affirmation statements that you can repeat to yourself at ease and sounds believable. To make this daily affirmation process grow, write out thirty different statements for each day of the month. Affirmations are based on the reasoning that we create our own conditions and experienced through our feelings and thoughts.

As you can see, positive daily affirmations all follow the same basic principles. They are constructed to work for you, at a specific time, to achieve a specific goal. Statements that don’t follow these construction guidelines won’t be nearly as successful for you. If you create your own positive daily affirmations following these rules, you will find your statements are the most powerful force in your personal success arsenal.

Positive daily affirmations have been a popular subject with people lately. You can find places all over the internet that will give you good examples of these affirmations. However, it can be a bit more difficult finding information on exactly what positive daily affirmations actually are. It is time to establish what affirmations are, as well as what they are used for.

I always receive more than I desire.Keep using gratitude in your life and know you will always receive more than necessary to live your best life now! The more readily you are able to see all the good things coming to you, and most importantly to be grateful for it, the more likely good things will continue to come your way. Abundance is prevalent everywhere in each of our lives, the challenge comes in seeing it for what it truly is.I have all the money I currently need.This one is especially critical for me, and may be for you to. Focus on all the things you can afford with the money you have in your bank account. It doesn’t matter if you have $100.00 or $100,000.00 in the account. What matters is realizing what you can afford with those dollars and how significant it is. In today’s world $100.00 will buy you conveniences only available to the ultra wealthy only a few decades ago.

Positive daily affirmations are the optimists’ ultimate tool. In the example, you are letting your mind know that no matter what happens during the day, it is still a good day. What this means is that your mind will show you that even if bad things happen, there are still good things to counter it. Take for example getting splashed by a puddle on your way to work. Normally this would really be a bad thing, since now your clothes are wet, perhaps even muddy. However, since you programmed your mind to view the day as being good, your mind will then remind you, subconsciously of course, that you are still awake, ready to go to work, and now have a funny story to tell your co-workers today. That is the power of positive daily affirmations.

I deserve abundance and the joy experienced with it.Understand as a unique human individual you deserve as much joy and abundance as anyone else in the world. These positive experiences aren’t reserved for a select few. Instead it is our birth right to develop a mindset tuned to joy and abundance and receive all the good things entitled to every human being who is grateful for all the world has to offer.

I attract abundance and joy all the time every day.Give yourself the freedom to live in joy and abundance as a normal part of your daily life. Realize joy doesn’t have to be something experienced only occasionally. Abundance isn’t something reserved for a select few. Instead, accept joy and abundance as daily gifts to be received at all times and in all areas of your life. The more freedom you allow yourself in this area the easier it will become to experience all you are entitled to receive.Using these 7 affirmations on a consistent basis will impact your personal ability to receive abundance into your life on a regular basis. Spend time reviewing and practicing these 7 power affirmations over the next 30 days and I know results will begin show up in your life on a consistent basis.

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