Tips To Take Care Of New And Restless Puppies

Puppies are a bundle of joy especially during their first month. During this time, you would notice how cute they are with their small bodies covered in thick, furry coats.

Of course, you start singing a different tune when your puppies begin peeing and pooping on the living room floor. This is a common scenario for any dog owner, and it is important to deal with it in a calm and effective way.

A puppy is just a puppy, and although hard to take care of, it cannot even compare to the challenge you face when taking care of a bunch of puppies. Just multiply everything you have to deal with by two or three or four.

If you do not want to cry out of desperation for keeping your house clean and smelling fresh, you have to be in charge and know how to raise the puppies accordingly. This is something that some people don’t necessarily want to do, but must force themselves to carry through.

If you have enough space at home, set one side of it for puppies and puppies alone. You do not want them to run all around the house chewing on everything they could get their budding teeth on. You want to keep them in one place so you only have one spot to clean up.

Now, remember that puppies are like chickens – everything they take in goes out within the first few minutes. As soon as your puppies take their meals, you need to bring them where you want them to poop. A few minutes after eating, they would be pooping and peeing and they don’t care where.

Since this is how the digestive process of a puppy is, you would want to control when they are eating. Never let them have access to food outside feeding hours so that they would not mess up the place with constant pooping.

Although raising a herd of crazy puppies can be challenging, and take quite a bit of patience, it’s important not to give up. Your frustrations will vanish when they stare at you with those big beautiful puppy eyes. Then, and only then, you will realize it was worth it.

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