Tips To Last Longer In Bed

One complaint that a lot of women have about their partners is that they cannot seem to last longer in bed. Premature ejaculation has always been a problem for a lot of men because they are not used to controlling their urges and just tend to orgasm very easily. In order to avoid these embarrassing issues, here are a few techniques that will help a man stay on his game.

The first thing that one must do is practice controlling techniques first. One of the most effective techniques that can help a man control his orgasm are kegal exercises. In order to do this exercise, one must just squeeze his pelvic muscles to make them stronger. He has to do this everyday so that his pelvic muscles can become stronger and thus give him more control.

Guys should always remember that the longer the foreplay, the better for both the woman and the man. If the foreplay is long, the excitement of the woman will build up a lot which will result in an explosive orgasm. As for men, it helps them be able to delay their own orgasm because going slowly before penetration will be able to lower the sexual excitement.

One good strategy to prolong an ejaculation would be to receive oral sex during the foreplay. This actually makes sense because if a man has already had an orgasm, his next one will not come too early. The best time to receive oral stimulation would be somewhere in between the moment of foreplay so that can get his woman significantly aroused.

Now the only problem with the last technique is that after their first orgasm, most men go limp right away. So it is not only important to prevent premature ejaculation but it is vital to be able to recover easily as well. Kegal may also help with this matter but the biggest factor affecting recovery time would be blood circulation. In order to have good circulation, one should eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly.

As long as he can stay erect after his first orgasm, he will have no problem with this strategy. Once he has ejaculated once orally, he can resume foreplay so that both he and his partner can still become aroused. Obviously, the more foreplay is done means the more excited the woman will be. The man can even give his partner oral stimulation as well.

Fingering is also a good way to get the girl really excited and even close to an orgasm. This technique will allow the man to bring his woman quite close to an orgasm so that when the penetration begins, she will feel a lot of pleasure. So basically, the point here is to utterly arouse her by fingering before going into penetration.

All of the techniques mentioned above will allow a man to prolong his orgasm and therefore make him last longer in bed. He just needs to be able to apply these techniques at the properly and at the right time. During sex, timing is equally as important as technique.

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