Tips On Preparing For Your Cosmetic Surgery Procedure In Oregon

If you are going under the knife then you will need to prepare yourself for any cosmetic surgery procedure in Oregon. Preparing your home, your life, and yourself for plastic surgery will help to make the entire process less stressful. Here are some tips that you should consider.

Talk to your doctor about recommendations for the specific procedure that you have chosen. For example, anyone who has chosen to have a tummy tuck may need to lose a certain amount of weight before surgery. Those who are having breast implants may need to stop taking hormonal drugs. Depending upon the specific surgery you have chosen you may need to prepare in certain ways.

Stop drinking alcohol.Talk with your doctor regarding his policy on smoking cigarettes. By doing this you will clear your system of nicotine and this will help to facilitate the healing process. It is also important that you avoid taking aspirin and any other types of restricted drugs at least two weeks before you have surgery.

Prepare your home properly. You may need to rest up before while afterwards and therefore you need to prepare yourself for this. Make sure you fill prescriptions in advance, make sure that you have clean linens, find somebody to walk your dog and take care of your pets, and so on.

Stock up your fridge as well. When you get back from the hospital the last thing that you really want to have to worry about is going out and getting food. Instead, that all necessary food up in advance and get loads of healthy snack foods that you can use to help you rehabilitate.

Plan exactly how you intend to get to the hospital and back again once the surgery has been done. While you could use a taxi, it would be better to get a friend or family member to make sure you get there and back again safely. It is better to have someone drive you back home and stay with you the night of surgery.

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