Tips on How to Improve Mind Power With Super Foods

Brain and body. Both work off of one another. What you do for your body, you are doing for your brain so it makes sense that feeding your body garbage will in effect feed your brain garbage as well and both will reap the negative effects. Below is a list of foods you can use now and some tips on how to improve mind power by feeding your brain these super foods. Doing so will help enhance the mental and cognitive abilities of the brain.

Wild Salmon. Wild Salmon, not farmed is rich in protein and amino acids as well as omega 3 fatty acids. These acids are important to maintain optimum heart and brain health. Farmed salmon is fatty where wild salmon has darker muscle tissues and higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids because they have time and space to grow. Also wild salmon has been known to have a lower level of contaminants which are are often found in other freshwater and saltwater fish.

Cacao. Cacao is derived from the cacao bean. Everyone loves chocolate so do not think this is a open ticket to start stuffing yourself with chocolate bars. Instead look for the drinks and other similar food products that are not processed as much as the chocolate bars. Cacao is by itself more of a bitter taste and not the sweet, buttery taste of chocolate you are used to eating. But the idea here is to gain brain benefits, not necessarily taste. Cacao research has shown to have excellent health benefits that help one’s cognitive function, as well as their skin and heart.

Matcha. Matcha, unlike commercial tea bags, is a powdered tea plant. It is widely known that drinking tea offers many health benefits such as preventing certain diseases and prolonging life because of its ability to prevent free radicals and its high level of antioxidants. Because it is a powder, it is mixed with water rather than having the tea leaves infused with water as they do with commercial tea bags. This enables you to drink the water along with the tea. Containing a compound recognized by proponents as an anti-aging compound, epigallocatechin gallate, this tea offers excellent mind benefits and is a sure winner.

Acai Berry. Acai berry is everywhere, unfortunately it is not always promoted in the best way. It is one of the most abused berries by marketers which clouds the amazing health benefits of this berry. It is an excellent brain food and has the highest level of natural antioxidants of all berries as well as high levels of protein which is not normally seen in other fruits. Because of these nutrient benefits, the acai berry is known as a super food. For the optimum benefits, you need to eat this berry fresh or flash frozen, not as a supplement in a vitamin. Pills claiming to give you the acai berry benefits will not be as effective.

These are just some of the foods that are considered great “brain” foods. It’s important to note that no food alone can increase mind power. The natural approach on how to improve mind power requires patience and consistency. Integrate the foods into other facets of healthier lifestyle changes to obtain the best long term benefits.

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