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Many people are dissatisfied with their lives. They realize that things need to change but they often do not know what to do. Follow these six tips to get started making your life better than it has ever been.Get rid of the clutter. As the years pass by we tend to accumulate items that we no longer need. These may be items that were given to us as gifts or things we thought we needed but have only used once or twice and no longer use. They are just taking up space and perhaps even getting in your way every day.Get rid of them. Clear them out. Plan on the time to pull them out of the closet or the garage or attic and go through them. Keep only what you need for your immediate use, such as today or next week. If you will not need or use them in a couple weeks, set them aside and create a pile of items you will give away to others or sell.

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We are constantly told to focus on WHAT we want, and to allow the universe the show us HOW. We are told to align our beliefs, thoughts and feelings with what we want, to be an energetic vibrational match with what we desire, in order to attract that to us through the Law of Attraction. However, we MUST also take ACTION. We must be poised react to act and grab opportunities that come to us. We must be fully alert and conscious to our daily life in order that we recognise that which we are attracting to us. And, often the things that we want don’t always come in the form we expect.Often we are left at a loss for exactly what type of action to take. Faced with opportunity, we might recognise it and pause too long to benefit from opportunity, or we may be so caught up in our heads that we miss opportunity altogether and it passes us by.What if I told you that every day there are very specific, very unique, very special SIGNALS being sent to you, to show you HOW to create the change in your life that will bring you happiness? What if I told you that if you were simply aware and ready for those signals then following those signals would lead you towards:Greater understanding of yourself,Greater happiness and joy,Greater peace and calm,Greater feelings of connectionAll the things you desire in your life both physically in your world and internally within you.I’m here to tell you that this opportunity exists for you. There ARE signals that are guiding you, unique to you, right now. There always have been and there always will be. Those signals come to guide you the highest and best way to achieve your purpose in this life. If only you will awaken to them. I’m here to share with you that the FOLLOW THE SIGNALS way of living can change your life forever, just as it did mine.What is the “Follow the Signals” way of living about? Our beliefs, thoughts and feelings literally create our reality.The world around you is always moving in response to your energy, in response to what you believe, think and feel.Beyond our physical world is an unseen, yet very powerful dimension that is constantly reacting to your beliefs, thoughts and feelings and it is constantly beckoning your attention to guide you on “how” to achieve what you desire.It guides you by way of signals…Every day The Universe is sending you signals, whether you are aware of them or not; unusual happenings, surprising coincidences, situations, people and things turn up in your life when you need them most.If you know how to look for signals, and are willing to follow them, the signals can support you, encourage you and most importantly guide you towards your goals and dreams.Signals are ‘things’ that happen in your day to day life that are there to catch your attention, to signal you forward towards your goals and dreams. Signals are here to guide you. They are unique and specific to you and they are never-ending. You are receiving them right now, you always have been and you always will. The key is – are you aware of them?

Signals comes to us in an endless number of ways, such as: unusual happenings, situations, occurrences, events, people, things, surprising coincidences, synchronicities, dreams, animal totems, song lyrics that pop into your head ‘out of the blue’, imagery/symbols that repetitively show up in your life.Signals tend to be things that are out of the ordinary, surprising, random, ‘coincidental’ and often repetitive in nature. As they can seem to be random, and to be just ‘coincidence’, it is easy to miss them completely, or… to see/hear them but to misinterpret them as meaningless.This report has been designed to AWAKEN you to the existence of Signals: what they are, why they exist, and how to utilise them as guidance as you go about creating a life you love and turning your dreams into reality.Where do signals come from? Our world is made up of energy. Every tangible, physical thing in our world is made up of energy, and all intangible things, such as our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings are also made up of energy. The world we live in operates on energy. Energy is the hidden engine room behind what we see around us.The Law of Attraction states that you attract to yourself the things, people, circumstances and outcomes that resonate with your own energy. Therefore, if you direct your beliefs, thoughts and feelings in a positive way, focusing on what you want, you attract back to yourself more of the same – positive things.It is very important to focus on what you want – to live in alignment with the Law of Attraction, by directing positive belief, thoughts and feelings towards your goals and dreams, but you must also create your life with action. Sitting still waiting for life to happen to you is not the way to turn your dreams into reality.As you focus on what you want in your life, The Universe is literally responding by sending you signals to guide you forward. Signals guide you on ‘how’ to achieve what you desire. Like a navigation system they are pointing you in the direction of your goals and dreams.

For any one goal or dream, there are millions of potential ways in which that goal or dream could come to fruition. Life offers us endless opportunities, paths and decisions to create what we desire. There is no ‘one’ way. The signals are not showing you the only way, they are simply guiding you forward in a way that will serve you well, should you wish to follow them.Think of signals like the Key on a map. It is certainly very possible to find your way to your destination without referring to the Key on your map, you will likely get there eventually unaided, but with the Key it’s so much easier.Very simply put – you can create the life you want, turning your goals and dreams into reality, if you follow the signals.We often spend a lot of time trying to figure out ‘how’ to achieve what we want in our lives. But here is the trick – our main job is to define WHAT we want, and let the signals show us HOW to achieve it.Our logical minds can sometimes tell us why our goal or dream is not possible. Our minds will find barriers, risks, obstacles to analyse, and will worry and scheme, and wonder and ponder… that is normal.

Have you ever thought about changing something in your life such as starting a new career, learning a foreign language or getting more fit? Maybe you have even attempted to do new things or change old behavior patterns, but your enthusiasm didn’t last too long. And you gave up.It happened because habits are actions we make unconsciously. We just feel like we need to do a certain thing without asking ourselves why we have to or what is in it for us.

There are important changes in our lives that compel us to modify at least a part of our habits. This arrives for instance when we finish school and start working or when we get married, or leave our parents’ home and move in our own place. In all these cases, we cut sharply the connection with an old familiar environment and have to adapt to a new one. When we feel at ease in our new environment, it means that the new habits are installed.

Television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books, emails, signposts, billboards, advertising, websites… the list goes on. These are aspects of our every day lives.In relation to your goal or dream, these mediums for information, be it written, visual or audible, can all act as signals to guide you. Once you become alert to signals, you will start to notice recurring references to things in your day to day life, quite possibly very directly related to, or outright stating your goal or dream.In relation to your goal or dream, be it a career path you want to follow, a place you want to visit, a type of experience you want to have, look out for direct or related references to that as you go about your normal daily routine. Simply be aware and alert, really see the sights, really hear the sounds, be consciously in the moment and you’ll be surprised by what you encounter.Dreams are not whimsical, fanciful mind movies that arrive from nowhere in a completely random way. Yes, they are fanciful and our dreams aren’t necessarily ‘real’ in terms of a reflection of what is or might happen. However, they are your subconscious mind operating freely, and whilst the stories of your dreams in their fullness may not be telling you something, the images and events in your dreams can be very symbolic. They can reflect useful learnings for you and act as signals.There are plenty of resources available online and in books regarding dream symbology if you are interested in what your dreams may be signalling to you.At times we receive signals that are just too bizarre to categorise and let me just state that not all signals can be categorised. There are endless ways The Universe can send you signals.How do I recognise signals? There are several things you can do right now to start to recognise the signals that are being sent to you every day. However, one of these things is the absolute key to recognising signals.That key is… you must become AWARE.By reading and understanding the basic information about signals you are armed with knowledge. Even a little knowledge will get you started. There is nothing difficult about this way of living, following the signals is simple and fun. However, even armed with this simple information, without awareness you are blind to the signals. Awareness gives you the ability to recognise the signals that are being sent to you.

Secondly, through a step by step process, we are going to start making the desired changes.It is very important to not overdue. Don’t start with more than one habit and, at the beginning, my advice is to perform the new action for short time spans, then increase the time gradually. Once you have the first habit installed (it will probably take 1-2 months), introduce a new one. Making small steps every day is the best way to succeed.

A tip for interpreting signals – sometimes the meaning of a signal or signals is not immediately clear. That is fine, as sometimes it takes time and sometimes it takes multiple signals to form a complete picture of where/why/how you are being guided. Be patient and enjoy the journey.And, in addition, if you are not clear about the signals you are getting, or how to interpret them, you have several very simple options. You can connect with us in the Follow The Signals community to share, question, brainstorm, seek help and to network to learn more about interpreting signals and of course… you can simply ask The Universe for clearer signals! Remember, The Universe is acting in reaction to your energy and what you ask for, ask for clearer signals… and you’ll receive clearer signals.How do I follow the signals? Signals are not going to change your life for you. YOU are going to change your life.Signals are not going to turn your dreams into reality. YOU are going to turn your dreams into reality.Whatever you want in your life, be it changing something you don’t like into something you do like, or changing something that is already awesome into… well… awesome-er, the ACTION to achieve your goals and dreams all comes from you.The Universe is generally not going to deliver your exact outcome to your front door. It delivers you signals to enable you to help yourself. Life is not about having things handed to us on a silver platter all of the time, it’s about the joy of the journey, and the challenge of learning and expanding ourselves as we go about creating lives we love.The signals are coming to you every day to guide you forward. All you need to do is let go of any concern or worry you have, any negative vibration, and trust that the signals you are receiving are guiding you in a positive direction.When signals arrive, they can prompt you to think in a different way, to act in a different way, to feel a different way, to move in a certain direction, to ask new questions, to take new actions. They open up your eyes, and your mind, and this allows you to move forward powerfully towards your goals and dreams. Even tiny baby-steps forward, tiny changes in thinking, tiny movements towards your goals and dreams incrementally all add up to major leaps forward.Personal Ownership & Accountability.The Universe is sending you signals every day, and those signals are there to support and guide you. Please note this distinction – the signals are not telling you what you must do. We do not surrender our decisions, outcomes and our path to signals. We instead embrace signals as a tool to aid us as we go about creating lives we love and turning our dreams into reality.Signals are not responsible for your happiness, or for the way in which you create a life you love, and turn your goals or dreams into reality. You are responsible, and if you receive a signal and follow it, you must fully own your choice and your free will and right to choose that path or action.We must not surrender up our destiny or success to The Universe, thinking that we are puppets in a play. This is not how life works and this is not what The Universe wants from us. Your life is not pre-determined. Your beliefs, thoughts and feelings create your outcomes and every moment of your life you have a choice to believe, think and feel whatever you choose. What you believe is possible, what you focus on (your goals and dreams) and how you choose to act (by following signals or otherwise) is within your control.

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