Tips On Finding Quality Used Ophthalmic Equipment

Running a successful eye care practice is a challenge. The landscape of ophthalmic equipment, technology and instrumentation is constantly changing. It may not be possible for you to invest in every new piece of ophthalmic device available in the market since this can be very expensive. A better option is to consider buying used ophthalmic equipment.

Many optometrists are coming to realize the important role that used instruments can play in their practices. Used machines work in a similar manner to new machines but they are more cost effective. Do not let the stigma associated with purchasing second hand instruments deter you from buying them.

If the second hand instruments you want to buy are inspected by a technician, you can rest assured that they will function very well. Purchasing second hand instruments will help you save money that you can use for other things in your business such as office decoration, hiring staff and other things.

Office decor is important because it displays the level of class and professionalism of your practice. It can boost the confidence of your clients. With more staff in your practice, you can be able to provide your customers with many of the services they need. Opting for cheaper second hand machines allows you to spread your budget to cater for all aspects of your optometry practice.

Generally, you can get second hand instruments for your practice in three ways. One of them is purchasing second hand devices from an optometrist. However, these instruments usually do not have a warranty. Another option is to buy remanufactured instruments and the third one is to buy refurbished instruments. These two options mostly apply to high end ophthalmic instruments. They are reconditioned and resold.

In order for devices to be remanufactured, they are dismantled, repaired and rebuilt to meet the original specifications of the manufacturer and then reassembled. The end result is a used machine that is as good as new but is sold at a price that is much lower than that of a new machine. The common devices that undergo the remanufacturing process are those which are more than two years old.

Refurbishing ophthalmic equipment on the other hand is usually done to devices that are less than two years old. It can be performed by an equipment dealer or manufacturer. This process involves cleaning up the devices and replacing any broken components. Refurbished devices do not undergo the same rigorous teardown and rebuild that remanufactured devices undergo and they may therefore appear older than remanufactured devices.

After deciding which kind of used instruments to buy, you should then decide where to purchase them. You can opt to buy instruments from professionals who purchase devices from retiring eye care professionals. They usually sell high quality used instruments.

Another option is to search for high quality used ophthalmic equipment from auction websites. As you buy instruments for your eye care practice, it is essential to ask for relevant documentation. It is also essential to ensure that the prices quoted for the instruments are worth it depending on the quality of a device.

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