Tips For The Paleo Diet: Why You Should Avoid Dairy

Most Americans have for ages been raised to think that nothing is better for them than to “drink your milk.” The enormous dairy industry marketing media machine bombards us every day with “Got Milk” advertising, and virtually about each school district inside the U.S. has contracts with big business as well as the government to supply dairy products to our children.

It seems a settled point of common knowledge that milk products, in addition to other dairy product for example cheese, are perfect calcium-providing, bone-building, naturally healthy food items which we simply can’t do without.

But a closer look at how dairy affects the body paints a more disturbing picture. First of all, does it seem natural to drink the milk of another animal? We can all agree that a mother breast feeding her baby with human milk makes perfect sense. But even humans stop drinking mother’s milk after a year or two. Why continue to drink the milk of another animal into adulthood? No other animal in nature drinks milk for life.

The reality is, dairy products have long been associated with an array of major health problems. One is diabetes. In a report published in the Journal of Proteome Research, a connection has been made between specific proteins in cow’s milk and diabetes. Milk might induce a child’s natural immune system to create T-Cells which in turn destroy insulin-making beta cells in the pancreas. Needless to say, the published research is still in no way conclusive, nevertheless more and more, it’s looking like diary products could be a contributing factor for diabetes.

What’s more definitive is that dairy product could play a role in cardiovascular disease. Finland, for example, has one of the highest rates of dairy consumption, and in addition the highest rate of heart disease.

Another major problem is the unnatural ways that dairy cows are forced to produce huge amounts of milk so that more profit can be made per cow. To make it happen, cows are injected with a cocktail of hormones and drugs, both to produce more milk faster (and unnaturally) and to keep them from getting the many diseases brought on by their confined, crowded environments.

Dairy products also have been clearly tagged as a major contributor to problems with congestion, the formation of excess mucus, as well as lung and sinus problems.

Cow’s milk has long been known to hinder the absorption of iron in the human body, and milk has almost no iron of its own.

We have only touched upon the numerous health problems linked to dairy products, especially among those who consume a dairy products every day. Yet one final reason to avoid dairy has nothing to do with health and fitness – but the awful cruelty in the way cows are treated by greedy, factory corporate farms that want to squeeze as much production as well as profit as they can out of every single cow.

Most cows never get to wander a green grassy field on a sunny warm summer day. They are confined to dreary dark cages with barely enough room to take a step within, and some never get to lie down.

The fact is, most cows are not allowed to eat grass at all, and grass is in fact their only natural food. The majority of cows are stuffed with corn-based feeds. Cows are even fed meat-based byproducts – which is completely unnatural for cows to eat because Mother Nature intended them to be grass-eating creatures!

The bottom line is, you don’t require dairy to stay healthy. And beyond that, dairy products are more than likely detrimental to your health and wellness. The evidence is overwhelming.

Restoring our health by returning man to the diet nature intended is the goal of the Paleo Diet. For more Paleo Diet tips please visit our webpage for more details.

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