Tips For Rapid Weight Loss ( How to Lose Weight Fast ) Free Report to order the best workout videos available 206-600-4694 This video is meant to give you tips for rapid weight loss. 10 Killer Tips for Rapid Weight Loss Oct 25, 2005 … 10 Killer Tips for Rapid Weight Loss. … 10 Killer Tips for Rapid Weight Loss….

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  1. LoseWeightFastNow says:

    Good Video. I had struggled to lose those extra ten or fifteen pounds for years. I was depressed, sad and lacked self-confidence. I tried this new program and I am shocked how fast my body changed and it was natural and healthy. Check out the link on my profile to visit my website and learn how to reach your goals. Please don’t mark as spam, I am only trying to help people attain their goals.

  2. d0llym0lly says:

    Hey Mia, thanks for the lovely advises…i have only 1 really imp question which i thought u can help me out with. My weddin is in April and my fiance really likes this dress for me which is stripe-less but my arms r too fat (compared to my body)…tried everythin but in vain…Can u please tell me how can i grow my arms thin within 2 months??

  3. and plenty of sexercise under the sheets is good for burning those calories, a few times a day.

  4. EmmaBabes123456 says:

    I’m a teenager and I’ve been trying to loose weight for ages, I do cheerleading twice a week and that’s for about 5-6 hours in total a week. its really annoying because I’m trying really hard and i just cant loose weight! it seems impossible. please help and advise me 🙁

  5. jesuslover167 says:

    You are soo beautiful! Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. You are not beautiful because you are skinny, you are beautiful because God says you are 🙂 You are his amazing creation. You are the work of his hands.

  6. weightloss4life says:

    That is truly correct, Bob! Goodluck to your goals:-) Thanks for viewing my video!


  7. weightloss4life says:

    Thanks for the comment:-) Have a great day!


  8. weightloss4life says:

    Thanks for viewing:-) Goodluck to your program to!


  9. weightloss4life says:

    Thank you for the response:-) Have a nice week!


  10. Mahoneus0087 says:

    I want to commend you Mia for acknowledging that the majority of humans don’t get enough H2O or O2. This is huge! More people need to know this. When you drink more water your body will constantly be flushing itself, taking away all of the toxins we ingest throughout the day. Also when breathing, try to breath through your diaphragm, it gets more O2 to the bottom of our lungs where we absorb it into our blood but it also has a calming affect. This is called over oxygenation and it works wonders.

  11. LoseWeightFastNow says:

    Good video. Losing weight is something that should be healthy and natural. I lost 50 pounds in one year naturally and healthy with no harm done to my body. Make the lifestyle change, be the person on the outside that you are on the inside. Change your life in a positive way today. Check out the link on my profile to see if this natural program is right for you. Please don’t mark as spam I am only trying to help people lose weight.

  12. ramill0558 says:

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  13. GriffinWolf2008 says:

    I don’t understand why people are leaving you negative comments but I think your amazing. This is the first video of your’s I’ve ever seen and I love you already.

  14. GriffinWolf2008 says:

    if you think about it, some people eat more when they are stressed out. So breathing and relaxing will help the person eat less. So therefor they will loose the weight or just not gain more unnecessary weight.

  15. GriffinWolf2008 says:

    for support.

  16. Tanx for your advice Mia , I think the kinda pace you advize iz about right ; I’m not lookin for a perfect body but I do want to loose quite a bit ov weight. I reckon you’re right , in that gradually iz probably best, coupled with realistic goals , Bob, Ireland.



    100% agreed man

  18. xranger56x says:

    thats what we call a well. >.> lmao

  19. getinfiteasily says:

    Burn all unwanted fat with help of This new diet supplement ! Get Free Trial today and start seeing results easier and faster than ever. See more at my profile

  20. 99minerkc says:

    There are some people who need medical supervision so to say your way is “the only way” is plain and simply wrong! I do agree that it’s the best way IF you don’t have medical issues!

  21. petervgreen says:

    Lose 15 pounds in 30 days : maximizemetabolism (dot) info

  22. mitch15790 says:

    you have to buy the rainwater tank lols 😀

  23. bam143nerdz says:

    i agree with you..

  24. It’s free if you have a rainwater tank.

  25. gettinhogish says:

    Water is not free just cheap.

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