Tinnitus – I Want It To Disappear

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is occasional or constant noise in your head without any external sources for that noise. Even though it is usually described as ringing in the ears, it can also be whooshing, buzzing, hissing, or other sound of that type.

At its worst, tinnitus can totally ruin one’s life. The information about the causes of this annoying conditions is still rather scarce. However, it is known that at least very loud noises, infections in your ears, and also some drugs can be the causes of tinnitus. If you don’t suffer tinnitus, it may be difficult to picture what tinnitus can do for the quality of one’s life. Let’s try to imagine that.

Tinnitus Sufferer’s Day

It is half past five in the morning and the sufferer wakes up to the intolerable loud sound in the ears. He didn’t sleep well and it was over midnight before he first fell asleep. It is very hard to get up because he is so tired. Finally he succeed to pull himself together, makes morning rituals and go to work.

First thing at work is a staff meeting. It is hard to concentrate on everything being said, as the buzzing in one ear is worse than in the other today, and it is proving to be particularly distracting.

It gets no better when trying to type out some reports; it is difficult to concentrate on the words on the screen, when all one wants to do is clear out the ears. The tinnitus sufferer even gets snappy with a coworker that inquires about the status of the report. A dull headache forms and increases in intensity throughout the day, seemingly amplified in intensity by the constant barrage of sound.

At home he would like to enjoy his favorite talk show that is today on television, but it is very hard because of buzzing. About an hour before going to sleep he takes two sleeping pills. In his prescription is said; half or one pill half an hour before going to bed. However, his tinnitus symptoms are so severe that usually two pills are needed. Nevertheless, it still takes two hours until sleep is finally achieved.

Medical Science and Tinnitus

In serious tinnitus cases every day is struggle. There are drugs and holistic methods that offer relief for some people. However, in some cases more radical approach is required. These include, for example, sound therapy and electrical stimulation. Sometimes, the only option is surgery operation.

When some of these treatment options offer relief for someone who has suffered tinnitus for a long time, they will get their life back. They can finally start enjoying every aspect of their life without worrying when that ringing comes back. While for some people there is a relief, for some people it is not that simple and nothing seems to help with their tinnitus symptoms.

Fortunately, new technologies are under development all the time, and hopefully someday tinnitus symptoms can be eliminated permanently. Until then, you just have to persist and lean on to support groups that are available today.

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