Thurs 10/01 WLL … Motivation: Outside the Box

Check me out: ***** WEIGHTLOSSLOSERS Get involved. Get motivated. Get to GOAL! For WLL news, follow us on Twitter: See you next week! ***** … WLL antishay tbossbone MisNatt85 ceramicheart150 junkinthetrunkk fingerpaintsmile msixpackabs weight loss watc

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  1. paul20072007 says:

    Good idea. Evolving and changing to keep interest! Flexible too, everyone can pick their own timeframe.
    Great vid.

  2. NonnaSarah says:

    Thank You Jason, Milestones, ah yes- thanks for the video. WLL is great, I’m following in your footsteps, but just starting out. 🙂

  3. ceramicheart150 says:

    I never thought of ‘constantly challenging’ myself as a FORM of motivation, but it makes sense! Never gets old, always keeps you pushing forward, love the advice & outlook 🙂

  4. FaithHopeGrace says:

    “Step outside your comfort zone… What’s the worst that could happen?” Wow! Amazingly I have never thought of weight loss this way. Thank you! You are great to watch and listen to.

  5. If my memory is correct – you are going into this kind of thing for a living, yes? Because you are so incredibly inspiring – so many of your motivational tricks (the happy list comes to mind) are just so SMART. Effective, simple, and focused. You have a talent.

  6. CilllaBella says:

    You are always a joy to watch!

    What keeps me motivated?
    not much lately! eeeeeek!
    BUT watching you, Shanti, the WLL’s, Below the Yellow line, and all the other YouTubers have definitely given me some motivation. I wouldn’t have made my first video (and so far my only…eek! too busy lately) if i hadn’t stumbled upon you and Shanti’s videos.

    Sooooo thanks for consistently making these videos, I know they probably eat away alot your time! BUT you are appreciated!

  7. heather1987scooter says:

    hey jason i was just wondering if you have ever tried yoga? is it really beneficial, does it help with weight loss?

  8. vanezzy81 says:

    Thank you Jason!!!

  9. Lizislovely538 says:

    Definitely the best advice so far this week. I’m a creature of habit and I’ve been contemplating trying some of the exercise classes at my gym. The only thing stopping me is that they’re WAY outside my comfort zone. Think I might give one of them a shot next week. Thanks for the helpful words Jason. Keep it up!


  10. Bonnie90505 says:

    I find that most people are creatures of habit, I like to try new things, I am 51 and never ceases to amaze me all the new things I learn everyday, simple as it is, I get way excited about weight loss and exercise, never before did I think being on YT and participating could be so rewarding
    good job Jason!

  11. WholeWheatSandwich says:

    I loved what you said about evolving. You made me realize that it’s how I keep motivated myself! Ha, wow. Self realization via Jason, once again.

  12. yay for milestones!

  13. YourWLBuddy says:

    I have what I call “Measurement day” once a month. I take the day off from work and spend the time taking blood pressure, sugar, measurement, weight, etc. and I try on my “goal” clothes and the old clothes in my closet. I take the ones that are too big to charity and buy one new item. Monday is the next measurement day and I can’t wait!

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