Thurs 01/14 WLL … Rewards – Visuals of Progress!

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  1. beautifullyrndm says:

    Its ALL about the clothing for me!! I lovee buying something like a gorgeous dress from GAP and knowing that it will fit me three weeks, six months.. even a year down the road. :] Great video, 5 *****!

  2. thoughtputty says:

    I have done that so many times right after weighing in as low as I wanted to be. It’s a vicious sabotage. Thank you so much for this video, it really hits home.

  3. journey265 says:

    the giving food to be happy is exactly what happened to me! my parents had a bakery/convinence store which we more or less lived in (other than sleep). funny how that messes with you!

  4. LosingOmentum says:

    YES!! THIS is the reason I’ve never got past 216 lbs!!!! Because I get to 216 which is always my lowest weight, and then I reward all of my hard efforts with food!! THANK YOU for finally opening my eyes to this! I must never reward my efforts with food.

  5. TaintedWitch666 says:

    I like the idea of a “cheat” day at maintenance calories, so it doesn’t offset your wight loss much, that’s what i do.

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