This Is What Dentists Belmont Say Behind Their Patient’s Back

Most dentists Belmont when asked will say that their patients simply take dental hygiene for granted. The truth is that people do not take care of their teeth, which results in cavities, root canals, and lost teeth. The biggest threat to dental health is bacteria, which ironically is easily controlled.

The number one enemy of teeth is bacteria. The mouth is the perfect place for bacteria to grow and flourish. Bacteria love moisture, warmth, and darkness. The mouth is dark, moist, and warm, a perfect place for bacteria to develop and multiply. Bacteria will grow in the spaces between teeth if left to develop.

When bacteria penetrates the tooth’s enamel, a cavity will start to develop. The bad part, is that cavities will be well established before they can be detected by an x-ray or during a routine dental exam. This is why preventative measures are so important. It is important to have a tooth cleaning at least once a year, twice a year is better.

The person who has to undergo a root canal can look forward to a painful procedure, which is why it is better to avoid this procedure by practicing good dental hygiene. If a tooth is decayed to the point that bacteria cannot be removed, the tooth will have to be extracted. Ironically, a tooth extraction is less painful than a root canal. But, no one wants to lose a tooth.

The number one method of protecting teeth from bacteria is flossing. Most people hate flossing. But the fact is that brushing alone will not protect teeth from bacteria that collect between teeth. At first, the gum might bleed when flossed, but bleeding will stop after a few days.

Most dentists Belmont will say that patients take their teeth for granted. The best way to keep teeth healthy is to keep teeth free from bacteria. The best way to remove bacteria from teeth and gum is to floss daily.

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