Things you Need to Know About Yeast Infection in Men

Though less prevalent in males as compared to females, male yeast infection is a disease that requires considerable attention. It is a fungal infection often with visible results such as thrush. People with low immunity are mostly vulnerable to contracting this disease. This means that persons with diseases such as AIDS and cancer are more susceptible.

The most common sign that one has been infected is redness at the tip of the penis. This is in most cases accompanied with an itching sensation that causes soreness. Such a situation could lead to intense discomfort for an individual who has been infected. These signs should provide a wake up call for an individual to urgently seek expert medical attention. This is the surest way of telling whether or not an individual is suffering from the disease.

Amongst infants, oral thrush is perhaps the surest that one is infected. This results in severe mouth yeast infections for children who lie between three and nine years of age. This leaves white patches around their mouths. Regular screening should be conducted amongst infants to detect any infection at an early stage. The fact that children generally have a weakened immune system should be borne in mind.

Low immunity is perhaps the primary cause of this disease. Since individuals suffering from diseases such as AIDS have lower immunity, they have a greater exposure to possible infections. Overusing external detergents on potentially vulnerable parts such as the penis could easily result in one getting infected. Wearing wet undergarments also plays a contributory role. Unprotected sexual intercourse with an individual who has been infected increases the possibility of a person contracting the infection.

Antibiotics are used in treating male yeast infection. That notwithstanding, excess use of antibiotics could play exactly the opposite role. This is because these antibiotics may kill other bacteria that usually compete with the bacteria that cause this disease. With less competition the bacteria that cause candidiasis will thrive. Intake of above normal carbohydrates could also greatly contribute to the disease. This is because they could provide the causative disease agents with the much needed energy for their replication.

The disease can be diagnosed by either microscopic examination or by culturing. For proper diagnosis the services of qualified laboratory technologists should be sought. Proper diagnosis is a key factor in treatment since it will determine which type of treatment is necessary.

Anti fungal drugs are usually used in treating the disease. In case infections recur different anti fungal drugs should be used. This is to prevent development of resistance in cases where the same drug is usually used. Treatment of this disease should be seriously pursued. If not well treated, the infections could cause prostate cancer in a sufferer in the future.

Male yeast infection can without a doubt be treated. This does not however water down the importance of taking preventive measures. It is worth noting that preventive measures are not only cheaper than treatment but they are also less painful.

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