Things to Search for when Purchasing a exercise bike?

Buying an exercise bike can prove to be a difficult task. You need to firstly evaluate a few critical factors that will assist you to buy the right equipment that will eventually help your fitness routine. So let me ask you if you are aware of the factors that you need to evaluate before buying an exercise bike? This can be a helpful guide if you aren’t sure:

Kind of resistance

Some bikes feature direct resistance, which allows you to manually set resistance levels per your needs. Some bikes offer air resistance, which is provided when you pedal against airflow generated from a fan. The new sophisticated type of bikes in the market feature magnetic resistance. Magnetic resistance is created by allowing magnetic flows to track and build resistance. Bikes with magnetic resistance are quieter and smoother to pedal, and are preferred over the other types.

Upright or recumbent?

An upright bike requires you to sit within an upright pose and pedal exactly like you would do whenever you cycle outdoors. You can also stand and pedal on these bikes to simulate uphill cycling. Also to consider is the twin-action upright bikes. Here can will be able cycle and exercise your torso on movable bars. Recumbent exercise bikes possess a bucket chair that supports your back and enables the body to semi-recline. Your legs then reach out to pedals that are in front of you, and not below you as found in traditional bikes.

If you want to become cosy while cycling or who’ve a back-problem, obtain a recumbent bike. If you would like to sit upright and resemble outdoor cycling or in the event you prefer cycling the conventional way, select a vertical bike if you’d like both upper and lower workout programs while cycling, choose dual-action upright bikes.

Known brands

It is important to buy a brand that’s known in the market. Schwinn, Proform and Marcy bikes are known to enhance workout levels and that’s why they have built such a formidable reputation.


An exercise bike typically comes under 3 cost groups – below $500, between $500 and $1,000, and also over $1,000. Bikes below $500 would be the average so if you don’t have a rigorous cycling regimen, these could be your best option.

A stationary exercise bike that costs between $500 and $1,000 offer solid, intensive workout programs and offer feedback inside your workout. Most bikes in this category feature magnetic resistance are available together with many built-in exercising programs. Bikes that cost over $1,000 are the latest versions and supply an expert workout. These bikes work for individuals who would like to exceed the conventional stationary cycling workout levels.


What information are you looking for as you cycle? Most bikes give you information on distance covered, calories burnt, heart rate and time taken. Higher price bikes incorporate workouts that guide you along and come equipped with monitors and disc players. The more you pay, the more you get.


Different producers offer different warranties that could vary from 3 weeks to a lifetime. Parts are covered for a number of periods – electronics may be covered for 12 weeks while other parts may be a little les. I would advice that you choose a warranty period depending on how frequently and intensely you want to take advantage of the bike.

Following the basic steps laid out above will ensure you make a more informed decision about the very best exercise bike. Best of luck!

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