Things That Might Happen To You If You Have Less Nitric Oxide Levels In The Body

Most of the people who lack nitric acid discover this when they are aging. They will discover that they are having less energy and their memory will not be in good state. They will tend to be forgetting a number of things. Another thing which you might also discover in those people who are aging is that their performance and sexual health will reduce. Also they will develop some aches over and over and this might at times might be another disease developing. All these are always as a result of them having the low nitric oxide levels in the body.

This happens to those aging because by that time they will have lost nitric oxide in their body. The best way you can use to tell if one has the right levels is your current age. After you reached the age of forty years you may be exposed to these problems.

This oxides is always produced in that bodies at the cells which are lining the endothelial cells. Some say that this oxide is the signaling molecule when this is created and then released the gas will then in an easy way quickly penetrate all the cells and membranes that are near it. After that the signals will be sent in not more than one second.

When this is done the arteries will move to expand and relax. The immune cells will react so that they are able to kill the cancer cells and bacteria. Then the cells in the brain will communicate with the other cells. The crucial signal are sent by NO in every tissue, cell and organs and bodies systems. The most important role is that which NO plays in your circulatory system. This is the system which is delicate because if it happens to go wrong it might trigger stroke and heart attack.

Research has proved that NO will always act as a way of signal transmitter between t body cells. NO will have to perform that very important role of relaxing the walls of the blood vessels. This effect can be referred to as vasodilatation. This will then result in an increased blood flow and hence the blood pressure will be lower.

This mechanism which the oxides work in might be quite complicated. The physiological effects may be as a result of that interaction that comes between NO molecule and those complex organic molecules which are known to form your blood vessels. NO plays a role in two different places that is in sex and the heart.

In heart disease you might have heard of atherosclerosis. This could be when you have chest pain that is referred to as angina usually caused by the inadequate blood supply to your heart. Patients who are suffering from this disease will be prescribed for nitroglycerin pills. This is a pain reliever for them.

If you lack the best nitric oxide levels in the body your skin can be prone to more skin diseases. The reason is because NO is known to protect it from the harsh ultraviolet rays that come from the sun. So it will force you to be applying the sunscreen lotions on the body so that you protect the skin. If you cannot afford them you could be at the risk of getting skin cancer and other diseases talk to your doctor when you are suffering this way so that you can have the medication or advised on the diet to take.

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