Light Green vaginal Discharge

If you find a green vaginal discharge it is sort of normal to panic. Yes OK a green discharge can be an alert to sometihng going a miss, but treatment is available and as long as you act quicly there shouldn’t be any trouble.


The explanation for green vaginal discharge is usually a kind of sexually-transmitted infection called trichomoniasis. Sexual contact with an infected person will give you Trichomoniasis. Ladies and men can get it, but ladies are the ones who most often exhibit symptoms. Both partners must be treated as quickly as feasible to avoid spreading the infection. As with other sexually transmitted diseases, Always practice safe sex and your hazards will be reduced.

Indications of trichomoniasis

Aside from the green vaginal discharge, trichomoniasis features a few symptoms that are common with any infection. There may be a unpleasant vaginal smell. The smell will be more noticable after sex. Itching, burning, delicateness and inflamming of the vaginal opening can be present, but irritation symptoms like this aren’t only a need to make a diagnosis. As spoken about earlier, men may not have any symptoms showing at all. Ladies that have been infected with the nasty trichomoniasis often exhibit symptoms with 5 to twenty-eight days.

More about Green Vaginal Discharge

You may exprerience other stuff as well as a green vaginal discharge. The discharge could be yellow green or grey or any mixture of colour. It often takes on a frothy or bubbly texture. The poor odor connected with trichomoniasis comes from the discharge itself.


Treatment for trichomoniasis is fairly straight forward. This infection is actually the most common treatable STI found in sexually active younger ladies. Usually a single dose of antibiotics will kill of the infection. One form of this medicine can safely be used by expectant moms. Being given treatment for trichomoniasis doesn't keep you from getting the infection again, so it’s important to take preventive measures after the initial treatment.


Prevention of STIs is best done by employing a condom, having no sex at all, or only being intimate with a long-term, uninfected partner. Safe sexual practices have other benefits for your vaginal health besides just forestalling STIs. Bacterial vaginosis or BV isn't a sexually communicated disease but can be present in women who are active in a sexual sense. In fact if you practice safe sex you'll get a whole lot more vaginal irritation and general issues. See a health professional for more information about trichomoniasis, or if you believe you may need a diagnosis.

If you have a green vaginal discharge that you could be worried about, or in truth any sort of vaginal leaking that is causing concern you might need to read more.

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