There is Cure for Impotence: A Scientific Breakthrough

A man’s ability to have sex is greatly affected by impotence. It is a condition in which an erection cannot be achieved or sustained, due to physical and psychological factors. Nearly 70% of cases of men with erectile dysfunction (ED) attribute it to problems such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, kidney disease, chronic alcoholism, or heart disease. Other causes found out were severe damage to the cavernosal nerves of the penis which may follow after surgery for bladder or prostate cancer. Also, when a person experiences injury to the penis, spinal cord, bladder, or pelvis, it may possibly lead to ED.

With this, a study has been performed in the Children’s Hospital in Boston showing a possible answer to the never-ending question on how to cure erectile dysfunction. With the introduction of tissue engineering to repair and regenerate organs in the body, it gives great hope to those patients with ED. According to the study, while the body of the penis can be artificially developed in the laboratory, a functional set of nerves are needed for the success of the whole study. This means that there can only be cure for erectile dysfunction when the injured nerves can grow again or simply, regenerated.

The said experiment involved 90 male rats as primary subjects. It began by cutting the cavernosal nerves of the penises and where there was damage, a certain implant was connected to it. The implantation was basically derived from either the nerves from the other areas of the rat’s body. It could also be taken out from collagen which is a flexible protein that consists of connective tissues. In order to have a successful replacement, the implant was carefully attached by following the exact shape of the nerve, something that can allow new nerve cells to grow again. In effect, the graft’s purpose was to serve as framework for the new nerve cells to grow on and over it.

The findings of the experiment were presented to the American Urological Association. After about three months of the study, the cavernosal nerves of the rats, which were implanted from collagen and other nerves turned out to look like the nerves that were not damaged. The positive results can provide a turning point in the cure for men with problems of ED. This just proves that with the proper treatment, the body has the capacity to be able to heal itself. However, it has to proven even more, if the success would ultimately lead to improved erection.

This study, however, has only been applied to small mammals such as rats and rabbits. These new procedures have yet to be tested on humans. But further research is being done in order to engineer a complete penis in the laboratory, with healthy tissues and a functional nerve network.

Well, the cure for erectile dysfunction is on its way. Many thanks to medical advancement and scientific breakthrough, men haunted with the effects of ED can now have a brighter future ahead. Once these nerve implants can be proven safe and applicable to humans, the road to the cure of erectile dysfunction is finally on its way.

Do not get rid of hope. The cure for erectile dysfunction is on its way. Help For ED can provide a better and hopeful future for many.

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