The Ways For An Acne Treatment

Acne problems are not new for most individuals. This is commonly experienced by most adults in this generation. This problem is commonly from pimples and blackheads. It is caused by an inflammation of skin and some hair follides. Since it is coming from underneath, it is difficult to easily wash them. They must be treated so that it will be eliminated. The acne treatment Worcester forms into three categories, the exfoliation, clearing process and medications.

The city of Worcester is commonly known as Worcester. It is a city and a county town of Worcestershire in the west Midlands of England. People mostly believe that anyone who has this problem is due to lack of washing. Yes, washing is necessary, if you continually washed your face, it can possible irritates the blackheads. This is the reason why they are more infected and makes more pimples. You can use a cleanser like Cetaphil or a mild cleanser bar such as Neutrogena wash, aveeno bar and benzoyl peroxide.

Exfoliating is a way to eliminate dead skin cell to achieve a healthy skin. You can apply an exfoliation product like facial scrubs every twice a week. It can reduce any dead cell and clog pores that is forming on your face.

You can choose any beauty products like sunscreens, lotions and cosmetics that are oil free in preventing clogged pores. You can apply a lotion that is oil free such as complex 15. To prevent any sunburns, you can use a Neutrogena sunscreen. Do not use any hair products like gel because it can give an oily skin.

Next thing to do is to apply some medications. Mostly, benzoyl peroxide is an ingredient for other skin acne medication. This is quite effective in killing bacteria that worsen an acne. It can also help for unplugging oil ducts that enables a pimple to heal easily.

The proper application of this product is a five percent lotion or gel per day. Start applying an amount after washing your face. After a week, increase the application to two times a day if not applying any other medications. If you noticed that they are not healed for about 3 to 6 weeks, try a ten percent solution.

Retin A is a good product for vitamin A and for the skin renewing. The Retin A is commonly applied to treat acne problems. This can sometimes cause redness, peeling and dryness of your face. You should try to use a medication that has only mild effects. You must first your physician for any changes of medication when you suffer from side effects.

With a continuous use of this medication, it will take two to three months before having any improvements. You just have to be patient all the time. Follow the directions of your doctor and always remember to stick to your program. There is a tendency that your acne may get worse before getting better.

For pregnant women, you should consult your doctor first before applying any beauty products. Some women are given birth pills by their physicians before they using a Retin A product. This may affect the development of fetus for those pregnant women.

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