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Visalus Sciences has a winner in Body by Vi Challenge, and they know it. The company markets it more like a grassroots movement than a health and fitness product. Those who end up with a lean and strong “Vi-Body” happily recommend it to their own circle. The company has a stable of supporting products like Vi-Shape shakes, Neuro and Vi-PAK which is a supplement for energy and anti-aging.

The two main questions here are whether these products work, and how to turn it into an entrepreneurial venture. For starters, the company has been in business for more than 10 years now and is backed by investors like Blyth Inc., which is a huge publicly traded company worth billions of dollars. Body by Vi challenge is a best-selling product that has helped people all over the world lose 5 million pounds in two years.

Every month 35,000 new customers join the army of Vi-Body users. These numbers do all the talking, and there’s hardly any more justification needed. But let’s explore how it works anyway, in terms of a medical viewpoint. The short explanation is that weight loss is caused by a simultaneous increase in metabolism accompanied by suppression of hunger.

Under normal conditions, people with faster metabolism tend to eat more because they feel hungry more often. But Body by Vi Challenge users don’t feel these hunger pangs and can stick to a well-planned diet. This combination of an easy to follow nutritious diet with high metabolism makes the body shed weight and tones the muscles and rebuilds them at a high speed.

Another reason for its popularity is because Visalus, as a company, is not just about sales and bottomlines. They want to spread a shared vision of “life, health and prosperity.” People who learn about it instantly feel a connection and a desire to be a part of this movement.

As for the financial incentive, any one who buys the product is given the chance to become a distributor. There are eight different ways for a distributor to earn money and setup a residual income stream. The first and most simple method is through direct sales and personal customer commissions obtained by getting people to order the product using a unique Distributor ID.

One of these methods is the Bimmer Club. It is the sixth most valuable level that a distributor can reach and the reward here is a sleek BMW. The popularity and massive sales this product generates becomes apparent from the fact that more than 700 distributors have earned themselves the keys to a shining black BMW from Visalus.

You can find more information about the ViSalus Sciences Body by Vi program and details about the reasons why you should drink weight loss shakes on our site at now.

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