The Very Best Healthy Breakfast Food For Dieting

Intake of morning meal is a healthy habit for weight control. Research has proven that subjects who take breakfast regularly tend to be leaner and are successful at achieving weight loss. Apart from losing weight through diet plan, people who eat breakfast can effortlessly keep it off. Moreover, people who take breakfast get adequate nutrients, fiber, calcium, riboflavin, vitamins A and C, iron and zinc. Intake of breakfast cereal helps to manage fat level and dietary cholesterol as it cereals are fortified with naturally nutrient-rich fruits, vitamins and minerals. Daily intake of cereal for breakfast can sound monotonous at times and one can try mixing up the morning meal with some of the below mentioned foods that promote weight loss.

1. Oatmeals

Oatmeal promotes weight loss in two ways. Firstly, it contains high fiber content that causes fullness for long period. Secondly, a recent study has proven that consuming breakfast made of “slow-release” carbohydrates such as in oatmeal or bran cereal can promote fat loss, especially when taken 2 to 3 hours before performing exercise. This occurs due to the action of “slow-release” carbohydrates, which prevent sudden surge of blood glucose levels as it occurs as in case of refined carbohydrates. In addition, one can prevent sudden peak of insulin levels because the body is signaled by insulin to deposit fat and maintain low blood sugar levels. Best benefits can be experienced by the intake of a warm bowl of (rolled or steel cut oats) oatmeal combined with a dried fruit for sweetness. Alternately, brown sugar, touch of honey or applesauce can also be added.

2. Berries

A healthy morning meal includes all types of berries such as strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, blackberries and raspberries. These berries can be incorporated to an oatmeal, yogurt, cold cereal, pancakes or French toast. Berries are rich in anti-inflammatory compounds, called as anthocyanins, which prevent heart disease, diabetes, improve eyesight and short-term memory. People on diet are advised to take 1 serving of raspberries as it supplies fiber by up to 8 grams. Recent researchers claim that recommended intake of fiber promotes weight loss and avoids weight gain. The clinical studies have demonstrated that increasing the fiber consumption by 8 grams per 1,000 calories causes weight loss by up to 4 pounds.

3. Nonfat Greek Yogurt

Nonfat Greek yogurt has a hunger suppressant action induced by its. It is highly recommended when compared to a traditional yogurt. It helps to overcome food cravings or mid-morning hunger pangs. Yogurt helps to get leaner as it contains a specific protein that promotes fitness. According to researchers, yogurt intake and other dairy products are rich sources of whey protein, which hastens weight loss. Additionally, people taking whey protein are more likely to gain 7 percent more lean muscle mass. Yogurt is a best alternative for unnecessary sugary items as it helps to save calories.

4. Eggs

Eggs are highly recommended for dieters as one can receive recommended level of protein than from fat and carbohydrates. Moreover, protein creates fullness, curbs hunger for longer period. A study claims that dieters taking eggs for morning meal feel satisfied for long duration and are successful in keeping food cravings at bay. These dieters tend to loose twice more weight than those who had same number of calories through a bagel for breakfast.

5. Peanut Butter

The Harvard researchers claim that nuts top the list of weight loss promoting foods. It is advised to take one to two tablespoons of peanut butter along with a whole-wheat toast, which is a “slow-release” carbohydrate. Alternately, one can include nuts to an oatmeal breakfast, which is another “slow-release” carb.

6. Cottage Cheese

It is advised to take low at cottage cheese with a fresh fruit for morning meal. It makes one feel fuller for longer period of time. About 16 g of protein is loaded in cottage cheese, which avoids hunger and includes only about 1 g of fat.

7. Flaxseeds

It is advised to just sprinkle flaxseeds to an oatmeal, yogurt, or blend it to a muffin batter or morning smoothie. Flaxseeds are rich in fiber, omega-3 fat, and protein. The seeds are highly power driven and can keep one energetic for the day.

8. Whole grain cereal

Cereal Mostly Whole Grain An ideal breakfast contains a bowl of whole grain cereal mixed with skim milk or low-fat milk. One should avoid taking whole grain cereals that contain high calories and sugar by preferring some of the popular brands that have reigned as supreme cereal foods.

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