The various options of Reconstructive Ear Surgery

Reconstructive ear surgery is very essential for those patients who have large, protruding or disfigured ears and this surgery is used to reshape or reposition the ears with highly confidential look with improved personality. Most people who undergo this reconstructive ear surgery are considered with these conditions. They suffer from a condition when ears become overly large and it known as macrotia, their dissatisfaction due to inefficient results of the previous surgery and they are suffering from ear protruding beyond a normal appearance.

If you need the best look with your ears, you need otoplasty within reconstructive ear surgery. In some cases, ear structure must be matched with the face. This mainly occurs at patients who have been disfigured by accidents or birth defects. For them, otoplasty will improve their appearance, thus helping their self-esteem and inner confidence. A proper medical consultation and evaluation before reconstructive ear surgery is needed for precaution and safety. If you want to get the bes out of this medical surgical procedure, it is a good idea to discuss with the surgeon, so that he or she knows what you really want to do with your ears. The patient’s needs must be respected by the surgeon, thus the entire intervention must be adjusted to these requirements. Furthermore, excessive drug usage must be avoided to prevent extra bleeding. The surgeon will go over the surgical procedure along with post operative care that must be performed by the patient.

The day surgical procedure is performed general anesthesia will be managed to make the procedure more comfortable for the patient. The patients who are undergoing an ear surgery to be treated of protruding ears then the surgeon will make an incision in the back folds of the ear in order to decline the appearance of the scarring.

The cartilage is reduced in the protruding ears from the conchal bowl, behind the ear, to develop a smaller appearance. The surgeon can increase or decrease the antihelical fold on the basis of proportions that can be best suited to the face. Non-removable sutures are used to develop a new ear shape along with maintaining the shape of cartilage already in place. External sutures will close the incision from the backside of the ear once the ear gets the new shape with the non-removable sutures. While in the past an ear surgery was easy to observe thanks to the unnatural look of ears that were pinned back, today ears get a natural shape after the surgery. After the completion of this process you can feel the immediate effects. Any type of healing is now supported by proper dressings. The dressings are applied to your ears by the surgeon. Thanks to the smart choice of incision locations, you will be happy to know that there are minimal risks of scarring in such medical interventions.

Reconstructive ear surgery will always be the best option for those who are feeling very unpleasant conditions due to the current shape of their big or protruded ears. Your outward appearance, your current inner confidence and self-esteem will all grow nicely if your ears are proportional.

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