The Types Of Cancer ELISA Kits

ELISA is a diagnostic test that mostly used antibodies and color change to determine a substance. The cancer ELISA kits are commonly used for these tests to detect a certain response from the body from an infectious microbe that form tumors in different parts of the body. The tests consist an enzyme that caused a reaction in a chemical process. It composed of immunologic or antigen chemical compound in the body.

Cancer Antigen 125 is a quickly quantify antigen concentrations in human serum. It has three features, it is easy, efficient and rapid. It is easy because it has features fixed in one system and no required additional equipment needed. It is efficient because the test can reach for 96 samples at once. It can give results in just less than 4 hours. The technology can allow you to screen any multiple serum samples for several antigens associated with cancers in a present and elevated levels.

The breast cancer susceptibility protein 1 or commonly abbreviated by BRCA1 is a high and a sensitive kit in detecting anyone with breast tumor. The advantage of this equipment is through the loss of rate activity. Meaning, that the five percent of the total duration of its effectiveness is under in a storage condition. In having a lesser impact to its performance, the room temperature, operating procedures and the lab condition should be controlled properly.

Tumor marker for lung cancer is a sandwich kind of kit that contains enzyme immunoassay that measures a tumor in a human serum, in the plasma and other biological serum. This consists of a specific detection of an antigen. It composed of a lower limitation of detection that contains a lower concentration of protein identified from zero.

The early prostate cancer antigen 2 is composed of reagents, plate sealer, pre coated, 96 well strip plate, detection reagent and standard diluent. It is also composed of wash buffer and stop solution. These came by batches with different detection, sensitivity and developing capabilities.

The signal transduction assay reaction is a sensitive and fast method to detect a comparable amount of activated targets in using a Phospho specific antibodies. This is a sandwich enzyme which provides a system in detecting a specific signaling target in a cell passage. The process may take less than 5 hours.

The ovarian tumor marker is an aggressive enzyme immunoassay system that utilizes a monoclonal antibody. The buffer and samples are elaborated together in a pre coated plate for one hour. After the whole process, the wells are strained and washed for five times.

The DNA damage EIA is competitive that will result for two hours. It has been already validated the a variety of samples and supplied are convenient with 96 wells plate format. The measurement of DNA is through saliva, serum or urine. There are sample types such as seminal fluids, plasma, cell lysates, DNA extracts and culture supernatant.

These are few of the kinds of kits that are available for animals and for human beings. This is a great tool to detect tumors in the body. There are different kinds of specifications through this kit that needs to have further studies and tests.

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