The Twenty First Century Client Expects Quality Care From A Family Dentist In A Pleasant Setting

Thanks to the advanced technologies of the modern world, the professionals of the twenty-first century have redefined the expertise that they offer. New technology has opened the way to previously unknown specializations. Dentistry as well as other professions have expanded into into never before known new frontiers. Half a century ago no one would have imagined the kind of specialized technology the family dentist is trained for today.

Prior to World War 2 customers had to tolerate painful dental treatment. Modern painkilling drugs were not used in dentistry until the 1950s. The post war economic boom created an affluent middle class that was interested in improving their standard of living. Dental care became a new found priority that replaced the old standard of only going to the dental practitioner when in pain.

The middle class family of half a century ago received rudimentary dental care from their dental practitioner. Basic treatment consisted of cleaning and filling cavities and extracting painful teeth. Any kind of oral hygiene guidance was limited to instructing patients to be diligent about brushing their teeth. Flossing, fluoridating teeth or using an electric toothbrush were unknown techniques.

As time progressed researchers started noticing dental trends concerning the number of children in the 1970s with no cavities. Twenty-eight percent of the children nationwide were cavity free due to the use of fluoridated toothpaste and water. The younger generation had clearly benefited from the new technologies to enjoy excellent dental health as adults.

The dentist who chooses to practice general dentistry often decides to work together in a team setting where specialists and dental practitioners merge their skills. The lone practitioner in his office is becoming more of an obsolete rarity.

Teeth straightening for children and adults alike has become the norm. Many families spend large sums of money to make sure their children will enjoy straight teeth as adults. Many dental practitioners specialize as orthodontists and hire trained dental technicians to provide the basic services such as teeth cleaning.

As an orthodontist there are many choices to make regarding the straightening of teeth. Many specialists choose to promote certain technologies such as the Invisalign retainer system where they would also receive a commission. Many dentists understand the importance of keeping abreast of the technology and several times a year participate in Continuing Medical Education programs. Cosmetic dental care has become more of a priority than treating cavities.

The mystery of what the inside of the mouth looks like is now available for clients to see firsthand. Large format images of their dental condition and situation can easily be studied by the client. The Baby Boomer demographic has taken this opportunity to have their teeth repaired, straightened or whitened so that they can finally enjoy a beautiful Hollywood smile.

Clients expect to have expert dental care and customer friendly service. Today’s family dentist Richmond Hill is aware of this and some even offer laughing gas to help patients forget about their anxieties. Some dental clinics have created inviting interiors with soft music, aromatherapy and ambient lighting. The dental experience has come a long way from fifty year’s ago.

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