The Truth About Organic Farming

For many people, there are so many mysteries surrounding organic farming and how it came to be so popular. These are easily solved by understanding that this form of crop cultivation has been around for ages and only got that label when there was a shift in agricultural practices to more natural methods.

This shift began in the early 1980s but was not popular then and was relegated to only a handful of small scale farmers. However, in the later decade, an increase in the demand for these products caused a change in perspective and more farmers began to employ these methods in their crop cultivation.

Some of those who got in on this form of farming did so because they were looking for a means of spreading the risk factor associated with their business and needed to diversify. However there were a lot more who decided to concentrate wholly on growing crops through natural means.

There are several means which are used in natural crop cultivation and they are all geared towards environmental protection. These include methods that preserve soil quality and reduce erosion such as mulching on the soil surface, crop rotation and using green manure. All these provide good soil structure without causing harm or damage.

The major problem to consumers of crops that were farmed using modern intensive agricultural practices that involve the use of artificial fertilizers and herbicides is that these chemicals tend to remain in the soil and get into the crops which are then ingested as food. Several health problems have been traced to these chemicals.

Growers have discovered that they can produce healthy crops by working with nature and not against it and reap several benefits in the process. Some of these include long term soil fertility, clean and safe water and less spending in terms of purchases and experience increased return. There is no doubt that this form of cultivation is profitable.

Learn about the advantages and benefits of choosing items that are produced through Organic Farming today! The knowledgeable professionals who use organic farming are able to provide you with a huge selection of eco-friendly products that help the environment.

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