The Truth about Diet and Weight Loss

The Truth about Diet and Weight Loss I want to talk tonight about weight loss. It’s a subject everyone is worried about. And the problem is that diets don’t work. Everybody has tried a diet. I haven’t met a person yet that’s hasn’t tried something, from kids to people in their eighties; everybody has tried some kind of diet and they just don’t work. In recent studies when they looked at a lot of their major diets (some good one’s, Atkins, The Zone), they put them all together statistically …

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  1. caseysargent says:

    Yeah I lost 18 pounds so far using Exact Acai and diet. youcanloseweight. webs. com

  2. graciousSenor says:


  3. thinspirationa says:

    Eat less then you expend. Easy, people are lazy.

  4. thinspirationa says:

    lol! “they fuck up your ecosystem”!

  5. thinspirationa says:

    Of course they work, they need to be permenant tho. If you diet for a while and then go back to normal you will gain weight. This video is stupid!

  6. graciousSenor says:

    Diets DO work, but you have to have an “after diet plan” ready for when you go off. I know tuns of people that successfully lose a good amount of weight on diets. Diets are good B/C (if you diet right) they put your body in a fat burning state that it needs to be in to burn those lbs’ off.

  7. thinspirationa, yes diets do work but only for a short while. and in the long term they fuck up your ecosystem… and then no matter what you do, you can not put u body back together. i have seen it hundreds of times in other people…

  8. hey folks, this guy talks well but there is one even better… steve turano, check his videos and website u will see what i mean. besides most info is free there…

  9. squirttilithurts says:

    Weight loss is easy — people are lazy

    Here you go:
    Lift Weights 4 times per week (heavy)
    Run every day you don’t lift
    Don’t over eat

    easy as fuck

    People are idiots…

  10. alexapollo22 says:

    I also wear Alex Chiu’s Immortality Rings to help me lose weight. And it’s quite effective. I lost 3 or 4 lbs each week with the rings.

  11. patougirl says:

    how much exercise activity on the daily basis are we talking about here???

  12. mukiasenova says:

    im wondering from what depends weight anyway muscles and other things but im 98 kg but dont have more than zobie bones

  13. 3L3CTR0static says:

    diets don’t work if you don’t change your whole lifestyle. Diet’s don’t work if you try them for a month. They work if u keep doing them ur lifetime

  14. MillieLavoisier says:

    The problem with diet is appetite. If you appetite isn’t satisfied and you have to eat too different from usual, you’ll get back all the weight you lose, if you lose any.

    I just love chocolate. I have found a great way of replacing my sweet chocolate by chocolate that makes me lose weight!

    Read French women don’t get fat. Great tips there!

  15. poetryofimage says:

    Does it still count as breakfast if you don’t get around to it till noon…lol. Not sleeping is bad for you?? Well no wonder having kids makes ya fat!

  16. thinspirationa says:

    Diets do work… See my video!

  17. Fasting can lead to serious health issues if not properly regulated.

  18. goldlmine007 says:

    Check my page!

  19. I eat plain yogurt. I don’t like sugar. The granola bars I eat are homemade with just a little bit of honey, and the raisins aren’t packed in sugar or anything. The oatmeal is plain, too.

  20. that sounds like a lot of sugar

  21. newforce3 says:

    great video.

  22. this is a great video 🙂

  23. cstewart1987 says:

    Whats he talking about losing weight for. he barly weights 60 pounds when hes wet and wearing boots.. fasting is very goood for human growth.

  24. You should eat at least 3 meals a day, but really it’s best to have 5 meals a day, just have really small meals. I eat oatmeal with raisins and a glass of rice milk for breakfast, a granola bar, raisins, and a banana for lunch, a cup of yogurt or a granola bar for a snack, and then for dinner I usually eat pasta or something I cooked earlier in the week.

  25. engine1713 says:

    the problem with me is that when i loose wieght,i loose it quickly from my upper body more quckly than my lower,which obviosly does not give head turning effect.have any idea.

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