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  1. Suger crash? XD

  2. Tigerpaws9097826 says:

    I’ve tried to resolve the debate regarding “long, slow distance” vs. interval training myself. The most sensible-sounding advice I’ve heard is that both modes of training have their merits – they each affect our bodies differently, and offer different benefits. If we can, it’s probably best to incorporate both modes of exercise into different workouts – though of course time & energy may require modifying that principal.

  3. This man is so boring I fell asleep half way through reading his name!!!………YAWN…….ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  4. tylergenis says:

    well i already lost the weight, but i got to train for cross country and a marathon im going to do so its ok

  5. MatteBIack says:

    overtraining much?

  6. MatteBIack says:

    Not unless you only use glycogen for aerobics.

  7. MatteBIack says:

    For weight loss… Not in general

  8. dimebeats says:

    what is it about the boxing? that make sit so good. is it the rope jumping.

  9. kpallday6 says:

    mmaaan i wish i new someone like you in real life … so i can call up ne time i need information on health LOL

  10. tylergenis says:

    i run 13 miles at a steady pace, ur saying that is bad workout? i sure dont think that when im done!

  11. Typo: misspelled calorie, there.

  12. You must maintain your muscle mass in addition to cardio, so that you can burn calories (muscle burns caleries, which are stored in fat cells, and increases metabolism) when you’re not doing cardio. Weight training alone won’t burn optimal calories either.

    Eating the small, well-balanced meals throughout the day is my problem. I think if people could eat a 200-calorie meal about every 4 hours, most of them would be healthier. Alas, …

  13. best thing to do to lose weight is boxing and a good diet…… plenty of hard execerise… plenty of veggies…. n protein and the weight will just drop off….. it worked wit me!!!!!!!!!

  14. you need to do cardio to burn the fat off your body

  15. JonasBroFan0025 says:

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  16. xxxKAYVAANSHRIKExxx says:

    so doing 5hours of cardio a day will do nothing?

  17. coca baby

  18. fireflourisher808 says:

    or the raw powder

  19. This man is the fucking truth!

  20. mayaluvsmusic says:

    wtf no he’s not.

  21. xxmonickkkkaxx says:

    Are you suggesting not doing cardio?

  22. Mongodelight says:

    chocolate is made out of a nut. eat the raw nut!

  23. beckton11 says:

    you should work with Professional fighters on How they can move up and down in weight and help condition them you would have good advice 2 give them

  24. strangebee says:

    Suzanne Somers’ book Breakthrough is kickin’. Glad to see that it’s on your list. 🙂

  25. liplylips says:

    Wow. this is what my trainer told me and the weird thing is that he looks like you so much 0.o LOL

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