The simple way to be rich

Devenir Riche

Becoming rich isn’t an accident but the result of our choices.

The same way selections bring us closer to contentment or farther away, some selections help us to get richer, and some make us poorer

Here’s an example:

Some individuals are indisposed to buy a book that costs 20 bucks or to subscribe to a coaching that costs 40 bucks. Yet these same folk didn’t hesitate to buy an LCD TV that costs 1000 bucks or an iphone or some fancy shoes.

In doing that they have made a decision of impoverishment.

Watching TELEVISION has never improved anybody whatever the size of the screen

Having an iphone never made somebody richer

Having shoes will help for walking although not for getting richer

If that same person had spent the 1000 dollars of its Television to buy books and trainings

If that same person spent the hours spent in front of his TV to read and learn

That same person would be much richer today

Any resemblance to people you know is obviously fortuitous

This is a slow process…

Regardless of if you invest in yourself you are not going to be rich tomorrow

But as time elapses year by year little decisions have bigger effects

Your current financial position is only the result of your past choices

The ones that you made years ago and that your repeated year by year

But past can’t be changed what matters now is present and future.

And your financial future will be only the results of your present choices

Mull it over 2 minutes what’s most likely to help you to get richer:

Your TV or your personal development?

Buying consumable products or investing in yourself, in your understanding, in your know how?

Do you actually want to become financially free?

Make an important decision:

Sell your Television and with the cash buy books and education schemes to be told how to become free monetarily

And whenever you will miss your TV, instead of watching television spend time reading, learning, practicing, doing action.

There is not any guarantee that you are going to become rich but it’s assured that you will become richer this way.

And remember a tiny decision today will have huge effects in one or two years.

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