The Shocking Truth About Defense Anti Inflammatory Recipes.

Leaky gut disease or leaky gut syndrome is a condition that can be caused by antibiotics, infections, parasites, toxins, or poor diet. The significant feature of the condition is alteration or damage to the bowel lining.

Your first step is to begin adding non-starchy vegetables to your meals in large quantities. Since 4 cups of green leafy vegetables such as spinach only contain around 30 calories, gaining unhealthy weight from these sources is not an issue! The only vegetables to be generally avoided are starchy tubers, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, and yams, as these are high glycemic foods that can cause large spikes in blood sugar.

Some researchers believe that these substances have a direct affect on the body; others think the problem is an immune reaction to those substances.

Certain types of fruits are better sources of energy than others. Glycemic index and glycemic load are two concepts that have been popularized in the last several years, and are very important to understanding what foods you should be eating.

The glycemic index measures how fast a particular food triggers a rise in blood sugar. The higher the amount of glucose or fructose in a food, the fast it breaks down and causes a rise in blood sugar and insulin levels.

Grains and starches are simply long chains of glucose held together by carbon bonds. As a result, they break down very quickly and rapidly enter the blood, causing spikes in blood sugar and insulin.

Fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, are between 30 and 70 percent fructose, another type of sugar. Fructose converts very slowly to glucose in the liver, so it causes a much smaller insulin response.

For our purposes here, I’ve tried to present what is a “generic” version. This version does share with the others the concept that continued and out-of-control inflammation leads to illness and that following an eating plan that avoids inflaming the body promotes health and can help prevent disease.

If a high glycemic food, such as a banana is consumed with a low glycemic food such as a chicken breast, the effect on insulin levels will be much less drastic than if the banana was eaten alone.

Many who endorse this diet also urge that you avoid refined sugar and products that contain it as well as caffeine and alcohol. And while drugs don’t really fall into the diet category, have your doctor review your prescriptions and monitor your own use of OTC drugs, especially NSAIDS.

This is why the concept of glycemic load is even more important, because it takes into account not only the rate at which a food enters the bloodstream, but the amount of calories it contains.

This is very important because some foods have a very high total glycemic index, but do not contain many calories, so their glycemic load is relatively low. For example, a bagel and a serving of watermelon both have a glycemic index of 72, while the glycemic load of the fruit is a mere 4 compared to 25 for the bagel! The higher the glycemic load of your diet, the more insulin your body is producing.

A study at Harvard Medical School actually found the higher glycemic load of your diet; the more likely you are to develop obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Clearly, this is an incredibly important concept that must be considered when deciding what foods to eat.

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