The Secret To Crispy Pizza Crust

The local pizza shop down the lane your place has a some pluses when it boils down to making their pizza’s good and wafery. But, with a couple of alterations to your kitchen instruments and methods you can make a tremendous tasting, homemade crispy crust pizza for your friends and family also.

The pizzeria down the lane operates a commercial hearth that reaches temperatures of 800 degrees or hotter. This provides them an benefit of baking at high temperatures for a short duration of time… giving a crisp crust.

Often when we make pizza at home we set the oven at 350 degrees either because that is always what we do, or because the “recipe” demands for this temperature.

This is the first secret. Set your oven as hot as it will reaches! Our home oven says 550 degrees and gets a little hot, so we maybe are pushing 600 degrees.

The commercial ovens also use a stone deck, or some type of heat conducting medium. These surfaces get very hot and snare the ovens heat, ending in a surface that is actually baking the crust from the below, as the oven heat is baking the toppings and top of the dough.

We have all known one of those take-n-bake pizza’s with the soggy bottom crust. They usually use some type of paper tray as a medium to take the pizza home and to bake the pizza in. The issue is that the paper can’t get hot enough to bake the base of the pizza, and worse, traps the moisture in the dough.. .not allowing for the base to be baked, let alone turn crispy.

Now comes the second secret. Get yourself a baking rock. These are comparatively inexpensive items that you place into your oven, pre-heat to as hot as your oven will reach, and then place your pizza (or bread) directly onto the surface to bake. These ensures even heat dispersion and their porous property allows the moisture of the dough to escape, resulting in a absolutely crisp crust.

One last advice. Because we are cooking at a higher temperature, we will not need to cook the pizza as long. Often we may only need to bake it for 10 minutes or so, depending on the thickness of the crust.

Bary Drake Whyde is a professional writer who writes about pizza baking stones and other similar topics.

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