The Role of The Enneagram In Psychological Profiling And Personality Analysis

In relation to psychological profiling or perhaps personality analysis many of us wouldn’t locate a more sensible choice than the enneagram due to its strong qualities along with its impartiality. It is possible to have a comprehensive personality analysis on psychological profiling using the nine styles of the enneagram that researches not just individuals at a core level but the study also goes into sub-levels with the so called sub-types.

Additionally, it also delves into spiritual dimensions and therefore this personality analysis called the enneagram besides simply being a psychological profiling technique moves deep into details in which other programs would never challenge. It begins with numbers as well as titles to help establish the identification of an individual and the enneagram provides for a do it yourself evaluation by profiling types simply by using a pre-designed group of questions developed along with related traces of many other profiling systems.

When you use the enneagram to completely identify, being a psychological profiling system that it is, it allows for an individual to establish, via a personality analysis, the behavioral traits of most of the people around it. Because this system provides degrees of improvement the model allows for a definitive personality profile which out dates almost every other personality system available today.

The enneagram is about the most authentic psychological profiling program because it is understood that Pythagoras trained the system himself to his pupils to enable them to get a deep knowledge in personality analysis. With this system, via the psychological profiling techniques, it helped his scholars, who had completed their research, and successfully passed the personality analysis, become part of what was to be known as the close group. Those involved within the close group were educated by Pythagoras face to face and other scholars, whose research could not be completed, were actually taught through a curtain and were known as the outer group. That’s where the actual terminology, “on the outer and the inner circle or inner core” was introduced.

The enneagram tended to lay dormant for many years and it is believed that George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff brought this personality profiling system to the west as a personality analysis system and then later as a spiritual tool. There are many theories about the origins of it because this psychological profiling tool was usually taught orally and only in recent years has the enneagram exploded in print.

Used by some of the top five hundred companies as well as government departments as a personality identification tool, the enneagram is of enormous assistance when used for job placement as well as using it as a personality profiling system to understand all people, whether they be world leaders or employees. It is known that the CIA uses this personality profiling system for a personality analysis on some world leaders to understand their behaviors. The enneagram, as stated earlier, really does go far beyond most other psychological profiling systems and as a personality profiling tool excels like no other.

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