The Role Being Played By The Audiometer

There are also plenty of devices that can become useful on so many ways in the completion of some tasks that were assigned to you. An audiometer can be the best example to such thing. For individuals who are unaware, audiometry is known to be the field that needs such device all the time.

Audiometry is defined as the method wherein a test is going to be conducted just to check if they have some speech as well as tones that must have an audible range. The experts who work in the medical field are those who makes sure the test is conducted. Worrying will not happen since it is painless procedure.

It must also be better once the person that is going to be performed with such method is someone with some hearing concerns and issues. The individuals who can perform such procedure are called the audiologists. This person has also undergone proper training in making sure that the clients that they have will be entirely safe as usual.

Experts will also be needing the assistance of the devices that you have learned way back that can be called audiometers. The specific test that is going to be given to you will commence when some headphones is worn as you enter a soundproof booth. Conducting tests can happen as they sit on the booth outside for the operation of devices.

He will be testing each of the ear in a separate manner. In the middle of the procedure, the patient should try to push a certain button whenever he will be hearing anything. The levels and tones of the sound that is controlled by the audiologist will be different from time to time to examine if the patient has the ability to hear them.

Meanwhile, it is also possible not to wear headphones. There is also another method wherein a headband is being utilized. The headband will be attached behind each of the ear. The device will be sending different kinds of vibrations through the bones of the patient into the inner ear. Again, the audiologist will be one controlling the loudness.

The tests that were mentioned may end after thirty minutes and they are a part of the category of tone testing. Meanwhile, there can also be another kind of test to know if someone can still clearly hear word sounds. Experts will also stay in a similar booth, but the approach will not be the same anymore.

The expert is going to recite some words as well as phrases with different levels in decibels. He will then ask the patient to say the words that he recited to know if the latter was able to hear it successfully. This kind of testing method would typically last for about ten minutes if there are no glitches.

Experts are also obligated to record the results of the audiometer on a specific kind of graph. The device that is needed to make it possible is known as the audiogram. They will be serving as proofs to make sure that both ears have been separately tested.

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