The Right Way To Build Muscles With Protein

If you are planning to improve your fitness or lose weight, a high protein diet is a must. And the two goals a closely related to each other. Because when you build your muscles you also build metabolism. And a high metabolism level help you burn fat; and their by lose weight.

To get larger muscles, you have to work out. You are doing that by stressing you muscles to the absolute point of failure, where you cannot do another repetition. Then you must stop, because else you risk an injury.

When you exercising your muscles to their point of failure, you are telling the body that it can expect the same amount of stress in the future. This will make the body grow the muscles.

When you finish your workout a repair process will begin. The muscles will not just grow to the state they had before. They will grow further to resist a similar stress level in the future. This will result in larger muscles.

By breaking down and building up your muscles, they will grow larger. But they have to get nutrient to do that; and the nutrient for your body is protein.

Daily diet like poultry, fish and eggs are full of protein. So you have to figure out how much protein you need to build your muscles the most effective way.

A rule of thumb says that if you are working out intensely, you need to consume 1g of protein for every pound you weight. So if your weight is 150 pound you need 150g protein per day.

It can be difficult to find the right amount of protein. Too high protein consumption will result in more fat, and too little will mean that you are not getting the muscles, you wished for.

The easiest way to get enough protein is to follow a high protein diet. Then you will have to cut down on sugar and fat, so the change from proteins to fat is not a problem.

If you are having problem getting enough protein, you can use protein supplements along with your normal meals. Then you also do not have to worry about getting too many calories from the normal food.

You can also expect another positive side effect with a high protein diet plan: an improved immune system. And the better your immune system is the better is your general health.

Martin Elmer is the editor of Proteintilskud. Here you can also read about Weight gainer.

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