The Requirements To Join Casac Program NYC

CASAC program refers to training that counseling students go through to put them ahead of others. Casac refers to credentialed alcohol and other substance abuse consultant. This is approved by the office dealing with alcohol and substance abuse services. This training is mainly attended by students who want to work as counselors for drug abusers and alcoholics. This gives them knowledge that they cannot get anywhere else this distinguishes them from others. This practice is advantageous as trainees can get internships very easily as compared to if the student did not undergo the training. This is why the casac program NYC is popular among students.

Just like any other practice one must meet a number of requirements but they are very strict. The first is an age limit. One has to be 18 and above so as to join the program. This is usually the first to be considered when short listing candidates.

A high school diploma is another requirement. One should have at least the high school or an equivalent known as general equivalency diploma also called GED which is essential to show that one is educated. The last requirement is that one must lived or worked for the state in not less than half of the time that the credential is issued.

Apart from reaching the requirements one is required to sign an affirmation approving to abide by the ethical principles. There is also an evaluation of conduct. The forms of evaluation of competency and ethical conduct must be filled by three people who have knowledge of such work experience in six months.

One should not choose a family member or a work associate to fill in the forms of evaluating the competency. The reason behind this is that a family member can at times be biased. Among the three there must be at least one who has undergone the casac training. Another should be a health professional who is qualified and has worked for more than twelve years.

For one to join the casac he or should have been working for at least three years in a working setting that has been approved. The office of alcohol and other substance abuse counseling is one which approves such a work settings. The working setting has must have a valid operating certificate.

During the working there are a few duties that he or she must be performing. Some of the tasks include intervention, conducting an evaluation and counseling a group of alcoholics. This will help the applicant to learn faster in the program. The applicant must also have counseled a group of alcoholics.

One should have the right documents so that the person can be said to have been fully trained and qualified. There a number of specified hours that one must have been trained on the major areas like how to handle an extreme alcoholic. Most students join the casac program NYC for the above reasons.

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