The Real Slim Shady

* Eminem is the fastest selling hip-hop artist as recorded by The Guinness Book of World Records.

* One of the Requirements to be signed to Shady Records is you have to battle Eminem

* During the shooting of 8 Mile, Em would write lyrics for the soundtrack during breaks. When shooting resumes crew members will have to pull the notepad from him in order to catch his attention and make him stop writing.

* He was bullied a lot as a child because of his size and the fact that he was always the new kid as he travelled around a lot.

* Eminem’s roots can be traced back to Scotland and Wales.

* Em has been falsely reported dead by a car crash 4 times and a drug overdose once.

* Eminem is the oldest member of D12 (b. 1972). Kon Artis is the youngest.

* Eminem is a huge fan of Spiderman.

* Em is a Baptist (just like his mom and the rest of her family). He’s not religious though. Kim’s the one who is Catholic. She’s also not religious.

* Em wears glasses due to the fact that he has a near-sighted condition.

* He loves any type of gadget.

* Em’s favorite porn star is Janet Jacme.

* Eminem and Kim had a secret name for each other when they were together : “Stinky”.

* Despite what was written before, Em did not attempt suicide. He took pills to fight his depression and accidentally OD’d. He was happy to wake up the next day.

* Eminem’s first album was called ‘Infinite’ and it sold 1,000 copies.

* Eminem is quite a shy person despite appearances.

* He never liked the fact that people stared at him and took offence a lot.

* He really respects Robin Williams as an actor.

* The Matrix is Eminem’s favourite movie of all time.

* His talent for words and lyrics was spotted at age 4 when he put words together that rhymed.

* Em had a crush on Madonna when he was 11

* The first concert that he attended was Run DMC, Big Daddy Kane and Queen Latifah in Detroit.

* Em cuts his own hair

* Eminem’s preferred dance song is Busta Rhymes’s “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See”.

* Eminem and Dr. Dre’s first choice for Stan was the actor Macaulay Culkin but he was busy at the time.

* Lose Yourself topped the poll on songs that spurs ball players to victory in matches.

* Elton John’s Rocket Man is dedicated to Eminem.

* Eminem is extremely modest despite his success.

* Shannon Elizabeth was Em’s first choice to be the girl in ‘Superman’.

* Neil Tennant from the Petshop Boys has a crush on Eminem.

* Em and Hailie has a cat named Tigger.

* For his 8 Mile role, Em dropped from 168 lbs to 145 lbs – extreme dedication to be fit for the role.

* Em likes to wear size XXL clothes as it makes him feel larger.

* Marshall Jr. and Debbie were in a band called Daddy Warbucks. They played @ Ramada Inns along the Dakota-Montana border.

* Eminem doesn’t really like to drive.

* Em does not smoke

* When he was younger he used to spend every night studying the dictionary to improve his lexicon.

* Eminem hoped that he would become a comic-book artist when he was older.

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