The Real History of Wing Chun Kung Fu and Sticky Hands

[I:]This is one of those stories that really should be passed around. Wing Chun Kung Fu, one of the best of the old gung fu systems, was created by a (sniff) little girl! And, if that isn’t bad enough, the Sticky Hands drill, after several hundred years, still represents high tech state of the Martial Arts!

Wing Chun was a young girl in old China. She was a pleasant, little thing, and she looked forward to marrying her boyfriend, life was going to be grand, and all that sort of thing. Then, the big, bad bandit leader came to town.

One look at Wing Chun and the bandit leader said that she would have to marry him! Poor Wing Chun, she sobbed and ran into the forest and generally carried on. Life was looking bad, and it seemed she would never be able to marry her boyfriend!

In the woods, however, she met a nun, name of Ng Mui, who had learned martial arts at the Shaolin Temple. Ng Mui listened as the girl sobbed about the bandit leader’s sickening love, and she decided to help the little girl. She told Wing Chun to put the bandit chieftain on hold for a year, and that during that time she would teach her a special kind of Gung Fu.

Wing Chun thought this would be good, and she went back to the village and confronted the bandit leader. She agreed to marry him of her own free will in one year. The joker in the deal was that the bandit chieftain would have to prove that he was a man and beat her in an actual fight.

For the next twelve months the young girl trained under the nun. She learned the movements and drilled the self defense techniques. Most of all, she practiced a method of self defense called Sticky Hands.

At the end of a year Wing Chun went home and confronted the big, bad bandit chieftain. In the street fight to end all street fights, she handed the bad guy his, uh, fanny, subduing him completely. Finally, disentangled from a real abuser, she was free to marry her boyfriend.

Now, the kicker to all this is that, after getting married, Wing Chun and her now husband had a little marital tiff. And, in the process of straightening things out, she kicked his poor, little booty. I guess he only knew Karate, or Judo, or taekwondo, or something that didn’t have Sticky Hands.

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