The Raw Food Diet And Green Vegetable Powder Combinations

One diet which has been growing in popularity lately has been the raw food diet. This diet is against the heavy level of processing and refining done on just about all the foods found in grocery stores. Things like digestive enzymes and beneficial probiotics are lost and annihilated in the refining process done on most foods.

That’s the reason why a diet was created for persons who want to go back to their roots, nutritionally speaking. Raw foods are at times, tricky to find, but things like raw milk, raw butter, and lots of others can be bought with a bit of research as to distributors that deal in raw foods. In my studies of the raw food diet, one thing I was surprised to discover was that certain green powder combinations actually were made of raw foods.

Previously, I hadn’t thought it possible to render a vegetable into a powder form and yet still maintain its raw value. But apparently, through certain techniques like compression, freeze drying, and other methods, a plant can be rendered into powder form while still keeping its raw food value and protecting its digestive enzymes and other compounds.

This is a massive benefit to people eating the raw food diet. Because of the fact that it can be tough to get an extensive range of raw foods, the choices people can eat while on the raw food diet can be somewhat limiting. Deficiencies in key minerals and vitamins can manifest through not having the ability to eat a wide enough variety of foods.

But that’s where a raw green powder mixture can come in useful. Green powder mixtures generally have a big range of vitamins and minerals, and can help make up for the lack in the diet. Anyone on the raw food diet ought to think about something like this to keep themselves healthy and free of inadequacies while pursuing a more holistic angle to nutrition.

Field of Greens is one of the best raw green powder combinations out there. If you are eating the raw food diet, you ought to check it out and see if it’s good for you. Wheatgrass powder is usually raw and organic too.

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