The Primary Mechanics In Gracie Jiu Jitsu

If you are a fan of the growing sport of mixed martial arts and you have seen a superb submission in one of the matches in Ultimate Fighting Championship, it is best that you learn the art of gracie jiu jitsu. You can find various combat schools here in United States and looking for an excellent school is not difficult.

Before you start going to a grappling school, buying a gi is important. If you are a beginner, wearing board shorts, sweat pants, and a T-shirt are alright. Remember not to wear baggy clothing and belt loops since fingers and toes are in risks of getting caught on the ground game.

The basic rules in grappling are no neck cranks, no heel hooks, no slamming, no grabbing or twisting of fingers, no hair pulling, no eye gouging, no kicking, no punching, and definitely no striking.

Before the start of the ground game, some grappling instructors would require their students to perform heavy-duty conditioning courses and some light warm-up.

The common warm-ups that are performed are forward break fall, backward break fall, shrimping, push ups, and running laps. After performing the warm-ups, each students are given grappling partners who will instruct the basic ground drills. The basic drills are upa mount escape, taking mount, Americana armlock, side control, cross collar, and guard pass.

Grapplers are dominant on the ground and getting to the right position is very essential. Before one can start a certain submission move, one must establish a proper position. Talking about submission, it basically means the hold and grip that caused the opponent to tap or submit.

Better go online and search for the available gracie jiu jitsu schools in your area. Choose the one which is certified and have excellent and qualified instructors. This type of martial art must be executed by someone who is a black belt for you to go up in ranks and earn a belt.

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